The immune system is the single greatest source of healing on the planet, bar none. I believe that the reason the Healing Codes are so effective in helping people recover from illness is not that it actually cures the disease, but that it restores the immune system to its proper functioning. Once that is done, there is almost nothing this miraculous gift from God is not capable of healing. So is it the secret to curing our most feared disease? My answer, surprisingly, is no.

In 1973, cancer was the eighth leading cause of death, and virtually every civilized nation issued a unified declaration of war on this disease. And yet here we are, about forty-five years later, and according to a recent joint release from the United Nations and the World Health Organization, cancer has now surpassed heart disease to become the planet’s leading killer. Worse still, they predict that it will rise by 50 percent over the next twenty years or so, to epidemic proportions. So here’s my question: if every one of those people has an immune system, why aren’t those enough to fend off the cancer?

See, the immune system isn’t the secret to curing cancer because it isn’t working, but also because it’s not a secret at all. Over the last twenty years, I’ve asked more than two-hundred medical doctors, “If your immune system is functioning perfectly, is there anything it can’t heal?” To date, the answers have been completely unanimous. “No, nothing.” So what is keeping these systems from healing us? One word: stress.

When under physiological stress, your body prepares you to fight for your life by turning off all nonessential functions so that you can dedicate all available energy to survive the present danger. These are things like digestion, healing, the elimination of viruses—things that you can do without for the next five minutes. The very first thing it turns off is your immune system, because it is the largest utilizer of energy in the body and isn’t crucial to saving your life in a critical situation. It’s a beautiful, ingenious survival mechanism that only one person in a hundred uses properly.

These days, our problem is that the immune system is not functioning the way it should. It has become corrupted so that most people are in physiological stress almost all the time. It’s like a computer virus that breaks down your resistance. If you’ve ever had a computer virus, chances are you started trying to fix it right away. Almost every person I’ve ever worked with has had what I call a human hard-drive virus, a memory that created negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This virus starts to infect all areas of their life, yet most of them weren’t trying to fix it! Instead, they would blame their spouse, or their job, or the weather, and the virus would continue to spread, increasing their physiological stress and further suppressing their immune function. Now, this wasn’t their fault. Usually, they didn’t understand where the virus came from; they thought it was just how their life was! But that’s almost never true. It’s a malfunction that can be fixed, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past thirty years.

If you repair the human hard-drive virus, your stress will go down, and your immune system will come up like a roaring lion. That’s the real secret. Not your physical body’s immune system, but the healthy state of heart and mind that allows it to function. I hope each and every one of you learns to activate it.

If you struggle with cancer or know someone who does, I recently launched a program designed to help fight the human hard-drive viruses that prevent your immune system from curing this terrible disease. The Total Source Cancer Program is specially calibrated to target the source issues underlying all types of cancer, utilizing the tried and true Healing Codes method to restore your body from the inside out. Join us on Dr. Alex All Access today, and get access to this and many other programs designed to help you live your best life.

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