According to ancient manuscripts, King Solomon said, “Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow all the issues of life.” You’ve probably heard this quote before, but think about what it means for a second. All the issues of life: health, family, romance, finances, and anything else you can imagine. Is it possible that all these different problems come from a singular source?

I don’t know if people took Solomon’s advice to heart back when he was alive, but today we seem to be going in the complete opposite direction. Overwhelmingly, the focus is on treating the issues that we can see only as they become evident on the surface level. We compartmentalize our lives and then sort our problems into boxes. Financial solutions for financial problems, medical solutions for medical problems, you get the idea. But if what Solomon said was actually true, it would mean that we’ve been going about this all wrong. If all of our issues are actually coming from this one inner source, then our attempts to patch up those external symptoms are about as much good as putting bandages on a cancer patient.

So, if all this really was true, then by healing your relationship issues—issues of the heart are always relationship issues—you should be able to solve just about anything, right? That doesn’t mean that you would never lose a job, or get sick, or have a misunderstanding with a friend, but it should mean that throughout any of that, you could remain a basically happy and fulfilled individual. So is that what we see in reality?

This is what I’ve taught and practiced for over twenty years, and I have testimonials from all 50 states and 167 countries to prove it works. But I want to go a little deeper here, because I think we can narrow it down even further. I believe that not only are all issues relationship issues, but almost all relationship issues are a specific kind of relationship issue. This is the real key to living in love and joy: forgiveness.

In my work, I have met many, many people with serious health issues, and I’ve never seen even one that didn’t have an accompanying forgiveness issue. In fact, I first met a good friend of mine, an MD and cancer specialist named Dr. Ben Johnson, because he was teaching that he’d never seen a cancer without an unforgiveness issue. Neither of us had heard anyone else teach this, because it goes against the basic thinking of our time.

So is it possible that unforgiveness is the active ingredient in every relationships issue? I believe it may be, and it is certainly true in a high percentage of cases. See, the definition of forgiveness is that you’re laying some hurt or offense to rest, so it would make sense there can only be a real issue we don’t do this.

Now, I would add that unforgiveness issues very often appear to be about something else. People also get mixed up by thinking that forgiveness is only something for when you’ve really been wronged, and that it stops with accepting an apology or not seeking revenge. Unfortunately, it’s a little harder than that. Sometimes you might need to forgive yourself, or God, or your circumstances. You might feel offended by someone who really didn’t done anything wrong, but need to forgive them anyway for your own sake.

Real forgiveness is deep and internal. It has nothing to do with how you outwardly behave, and you may not be able to achieve it for yourself. Pray or make a request of your heart, and use the Healing Codes as a tool to help yourself. Don’t get hung up on assigning blame or counting offences. If you want peace, health, and joy, if you want to solve the issues of your life, you have to let these things go.

God bless.


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