Today is an exciting day—I’m releasing a brand new program! My intention for the All Access platform has always been that it be a living thing, with new facets and teachings constantly being added. I want it to be a constant source of new hope, new inspiration, and new kinds of healing in your lives. This means that each month, I’ll be developing brand new courses designed to focus the power of the Healing Codes on a particular issue, including a fully realized translation of that issue through my own perspective, and a set of custom codes designed to help you heal the source of the issues keeping you from your best life.

Since this is one of the first monthly course we’re releasing, it was important to me to address something significant, something that I knew a lot of people needed. So today, I’m thrilled to introduce the Total Source Cancer Program!

Cancer is one of the largest causes of death in the world, and despite the best efforts of thousands of doctors and scientists all over the world, it’s getting worse. The World Health Organization and the United Nations in the last two years released a joint statement stating that, for the first time in history, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in the world. The shocking part is in the same statement, they said it would likely increase by 50 percent in the next 20 years. Even though I’ve had many clients recover from cancer and other serious diseases after using the Healing Codes, I have never before addressed this issue directly. Now that I’m here, I believe my program represents the most complete, holistic treatment available for this issue. That’s a bold claim, so how do I back it up?

From the mid-1980s to early 2000s, a German physician named Dr. Ryke Hamer achieved a cancer recovery rate of more than 92 percent. These were late-stage cancer patients, people who had essentially received a death sentence, but of 6,500 patients treated, roughly 6,000 survived. It was the theory that his results reinforced that interested me, because it revealed a deep truth that is still only beginning to be explored. Dr. Hamer understood that all disease, including cancer, comes from a nonphysical source, and that the way to heal the cancer was to address the internal trauma that made it possible. His approach to doing this came through his background in mainstream medicine, utilizing physical tools to address these critical nonphysical issues. But I knew I needed more than the physical. I needed my program to be all encompassing

That’s where I turned to Dr. Michael J. Lincoln, a PhD who dedicated his career to documenting the source issues behind all kinds of health problems and problematic patterns, including many types of cancer. Each problem, whether physical or psychological, is linked to some form of trauma, usually rooted in an event from early life. This is amazing stuff! I’ve used these books in my work for over 20 years to determine the root cause of my clients’ issues, and I’ve never once found them to be wrong, nor have any of the other doctors I’ve met who are familiar with his work.

Here again was the idea of past experiences, of memories at the root of health issues in general and cancer in particular. Dr. Lincoln had the genius to perceive these correlations, but I had the tools to mend them. After all, healing these types of negative memories is what the Healing Codes do better than anything else in the world that I know. As far as I’m aware, it’s only through the Healing Codes that this type of treatment is really possible, and with the research I had done on the physical, the mental, and my own experience dealing with what I call the spiritual heart, I was able to put together a series of codes specifically targeted toward the source issues that cause cancer.

Consider modern cancer treatment, with all the horrors of surgery, chemotherapy, and drugs with terrible side effects. I heard one stage four cancer patient describe it by saying, “we’re killing you and hoping the cancer dies first.” It’s barbaric, but it’s also the best we’ve got. Unfortunately these practices only address the cancer on one level: the physical. That might seem perfectly reasonable, since we think of disease as a physical issue, but that’s not entirely true. As my friend Dr. William Tiller, head of the physics department at Stanford University, says, “the unseen is always the parent of the seen.” That’s what sets the Total Source Cancer Program apart; it treats both the seen and the unseen, physical, mental, and spiritual.

Of course, since this is a Healing Codes program, it is completely non-invasive, with no chance of side effects. You can do it at home, in your pajamas if you want, and the six-part audio format easily accommodates a busy lifestyle. Each segment deals with a different aspect of this disease, offering guided codes to suit your needs and to treat the illness at its source. Most of us know someone who struggles with cancer. If you know someone like that—or if you grapple with this disease yourself—I hope you’ll give me a chance to help you.

This course is available exclusively to Access Plus and Total Access members. Become a member and get started today!


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