Most Healing Codes fans start off using them to improve their own health and well-being. Once they see how The Healing Codes change their lives, they can’t wait to share them with the people they love!

Through the years I have seen many people effectively use The Healing Codes on their family.

I’ve also seen hundreds of examples of a family member working on something for themselves and suddenly all family members feel better. What could explain this phenomena?

In 1935, Einstein’s action is distance experiment showed that a person’s thoughts and feelings can physically affect another person, even if they are not touching or physically near each other. His theory referred to something amazing called “quantum entanglement,” which states that the measurement of one particle will instantly influence another particle, regardless of how far apart they are. In other words, two people don’t even have to be in the same room to affect one another! Just being around someone with negative body chemistry and thoughts and feelings can spike your stress. Conversely, positive people and energy can have a positive effect. We are all connected.

Have you ever been around someone so negative that you will literally lie to get away from them because you’re thinking “I cannot take any more of this!” They aren’t physically hurting you, but you feel their negative energy.

This theory transcends to The Healing Codes. You can perform codes for other people by just thinking of them and verbalizing that you are focusing on them in love and then releasing the energy to them.

I always suggest that you first work on yourself, however. Work on yourself and work on those issues related to that person in your life who may be suffering from illness or negativity because once it heals in you, that healing will automatically transfer to them.

I’ll give you an example. A woman called me and said “I’ve got a problem - my daughter is the problem. The problem is not me. I want to work on my daughter. She’s the problem and I’m not” over and over. I said, “OK I will work with you on one condition and that is that we will work with YOU and not your daughter.”

Long story short she and her daughter had not spoken in 10 years because of a big blow up. I spoke with her once a week for 5 minutes while she performed The Healing Codes. She called me one day and said she had been using the codes on herself and finally felt like she had healed the last thing that was unhealed. She felt anger no longer and she felt love and compassion like that dispute had never happened between her and her daughter. Just days later her doorbell rang and her daughter was standing at the door with arms open and she was weeping and asking for forgiveness. It turns out she was working on her daughter the whole time! I’ve seen similar things happen with physical illness as well.

Some families do The Healing Codes together - they sit on the floor and do them at the same time which magnifies the effect. Be creative and have fun with The Healing Codes and do what works for you and your family! For very small children, sit them on your lap and do a code on yourself and then say “I’m doing this for (name) in love.” Touch their shoulder and release it to them in love.

When you talk about energy healing in the West, I realize it can sound like voodoo. Dr. Oz was a prophet when he talked about energy medicine becoming the next big thing! Almost every professional sports team uses acupuncturists and many professional athletes have their own energy medicine healer.

Energy healing becoming mainstream is very exciting! It is both ancient and cutting edge at the same time. We are finding new ways to improve upon what we were doing thousands of years successfully.

People in the West tend to think this is a new practice, but energy medicine and healing predates Western Medicine by thousands of years. The principles behind The Healing Codes and energy healing goes back to 1500 BC. It works, it’s cheap and there are no side effects!

Have a blessed, wonderful day and I can’t wait to hear YOUR story of how you have used The Healing Codes to benefit your family.


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