The end of the year is a great time for reflection. We can look back at our accomplishments and set goals for the new year. Despite our best intentions, however, some things aren’t part of any sort of life plan  -- a broken down car, an unexpected illness, a loss of employment. While we can’t plan for unexpected life events, we can change the way we live to a life of love and not fear.


How can we do that? We can consciously change our internal programming. None of us see things as they are; we see things as we are and this is greatly shaped by our internal programming. I want to remind you that you are not your programming. Our internal programming is the result of experiences passed down through generations as well as our own life experiences. Even if our parents worked hard to provide a “perfect” life for us and even if we strive to be the best we can be, we still have mistruths in our internal programming. The key is to not accept these lies and to fix them.


Think of these internal programming lies as splinters embedded in your spiritual heart. We can methodically remove them by reprogramming the frequencies of fear into frequencies of love. Joy, peace, patience, kindness, acceptance, humility and self-control all originate from love and light frequencies. On the opposite end of the spectrum are things that originate from fear and dark frequencies -- sadness, anxiety, worry, anger, rejection, guilt, shame, judgment and unforgiveness.


You can break the frequency of fear and its negative chain reaction with the frequency of love and its positive chain reaction. There are specific reprogramming statements you can use to heal these source issues in your spiritual heart and I discuss these at length in my book The Love Code. My next post will share some of these statements to help you reprogram each of these areas and begin living a love-based life. Today I want to look at how the frequencies of love and fear play out in our daily lives.


Psychologically and spiritually, I believe that every issue we have is rooted in the following actions and reactions. They affect one another like a string of dominoes. Take a look at the flowchart to see what I mean.



You can be in any of these stages at the same time, but to make it to the final stage 12 you have to go through stages 1 through 11. It’s also possible to have a positive result in one area of your life and a negative in another. For example, you can experience happiness, health and success in your marriage, but experience unhappiness, illness and failure in your career. You may be wealthy, but be burdened with anxiety and unhappiness. Conversely you may few material possessions, but be happy and content.


The core issues at the center of this chain reaction are security and significance. Security relates to the external -- our sense of acceptance or rejection of others, by others and self. In my many years of counseling I’ve never worked with anyone who had a serious health or psychological issue who did not also have a rejection issue. It might be something as simple as a childhood playground incidence or true physical or emotional abuse. Security also relates to our sense of safety and whether basic needs are being met, such as food, shelter and protection. Significance relates to our feeling of self-worth. It originates almost exclusively from memories and beliefs, both of which are internal.


Both security and significance are shaped during our first few years of life and whether we experienced fear of love in any given situation. If we experience love, as long as our basic needs are being met, we’ll experience security and significance. If we experience fear, then we’ll feel insecure and insignificant.


If we’re feeling secure and significant, we’ll either experience the world through the lens of belief, faith, trust and hope. If not, we will have unhealthy control issues. Control issues result because we are trying to force a certain end result because we (falsely) believe that is what it takes in order to be OK. When we find ourselves living that way as an adult, that means we have a human hard-drive virus about that issue. Our subconscious mind is wrongly interpreting that event and believing that lie. This creates a fear-based memory that governs our response in all other similar situations. It’s a vicious cycle of negativity. On the other hand, living in love and being able to trust and believe sets in motion a cycle of positivity.


Lastly, almost every issue is a relationship issue. Love does not exist outside the context of a relationship. So all fear has a relationship problem at its root, whether it’s a relationship with yourself, God or others. Heal your relationship issues, and you heal the great majority of your success issues.


Have a blessed, wonderful day.

Alex Loyd


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