Do me a favor and bring to mind something you’re good at, a skill you’ve developed over the years like engineering or chess or tennis. Can you see it? Now imagine that every memory you’ve ever had about that thing is gone, it’s as if you’ve never done it before at all and try to picture yourself practicing now without the memories. What do you see? Well if you’re really honest, you’d see yourself starting over from day one.

I went to college on a tennis scholarship, and I can still remember my first lesson, just bouncing a tennis ball with a racket time after time. In college, I was on a competitive team. I was really good, and I knew all kinds of little tricks. Once, I bounced the ball high in the air with my racket 72 times in a row without letting it touch the ground but take away my memories and I’d be right back to the first lesson.

Memories are like your internal software, determining everything you believe and everything you do. From these come your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions. National Geographic did a special edition once that was mostly about memories. Their headline study indicated that 1 second before you take any significant action, your unconscious memories mandate what that decision will be. Scientific American said in several articles that it would actually be more accurate to call them illusions than memories. According to our latest research, about 50 percent of the data in our memories is wrong.

One of the most striking studies ever done on memories was conducted by Southwestern Medical School, where they found that almost all illness and disease come from memories. This was groundbreaking, headline news when it came out, and I’d bet anything it’s strongly related to that 50 percent wrong data. There’s a common saying, especially among law enforcement and the military, that people never change—and of course that’s really a statement about our memories too. But this one is wrong. It may be difficult and rare, but you absolutely can change.

So how do you do it? Well, you have to correct your software, which may mean removing human “viruses.” Change your memories, and you change everything. I’m not talking about deceiving yourself with more illusion but removing the illusions and believing the positive truth about yourself. It took me thirty years to figure out how to do this, and I’ve recently published a book called Memory Engineering, describing how you can change any memory in just 10 minutes. It’s no exaggeration to call this the holy grail of psychology and self-help. Use Trilogy alongside it, and you’ll find yourself changing for the better in no time.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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