Everything is made of energy. It’s a theory we learn as early as elementary school. All matter has its own wavelength and frequency and color.


Energy medicine and energy healing are becoming more and more mainstream, and I believe we have only begun to realize their full potential. I’ve spent my career studying how energy and unhealed memories and issues of the heart impact our physical health and mental well-being.


Today I want to share with you five steps to turn negative energy into positive energy.


1. Realize it’s more internal than external. When life isn’t going the way we’d planned and we’re stressed out, we tend to blame it on external circumstances. Everyone does! We think “if my job would just change, if my spouse would just change, I’d be positive,” etcetera.


Our five senses act as a barometer to guide us and our bodies determine what to do with the input received through those five senses in a microsecond. Our brain runs through the data that comes through our senses and filters it through every memory you have, including genetic memories you’ve inherited.


This determines everything from what hormones your body will produce, what thoughts and what feelings will be generated, if you need to respond physically, such as jumping out of the way of impending danger. The common factor is these are all internal processes.


2. Change your internal channel

You need to start practicing changing your channel. If you’re feeling angry or anxious, stop and ask yourself, “what am I thinking about?” If you have a negative thought or feeling, don’t let it go by. Stop and recognize it. Own it! Consciously tell yourself “I’m going to change the channel” and then think about something good, something beautiful, something lovely.


It’s easy to deny that we are thinking negatively or overreacting so you may not even realize you’re thinking negatively. Ask a friend who will tell you the honest answer and not the one you want to hear. You can also take one of my diagnostic tests like Trilogy to determine what is holding you back.


I actually spent money recently to subscribe to a good news only online channel. It’s been so worth it to focus on positive news! So figure out how to change your own internal channel to one that focuses on your own good news channel.


3. Talk to your heart

Maybe you can’t just change the channel. You’re thinking Alex if it were only that easy! Then turn whatever is troubling you and enters your mind as a negative thought immediately into a prayer or a request of the heart. Even if it is an internal dialogue of cursing, talk to your heart and if you are a person of faith tell God.


God wants us to be honest with him and he knows our heart anyway so you can’t hide what you are thinking. Turn it into a prayer or request of the heart and say, “I want to change this negative energy to positive energy. Please help me.”


4. Find the source and fix it

If you’ve tried doing these things and you feel like you are merely coping your way through life and this problem crops up no matter what, then the origin is most likely coming from your memories

Those memories might not even be yours. They could be inherited memories that are embedded into your cellular makeup!


If your negative thoughts are anger you’ve got memories resonating anger in you. Heal those memories and it’s like magic. The anger goes away. The problem is there are very few things and very few tools that can find the memory that is resonating the anger. No surgery or pills can do that and you can’t fix it on demand. But we do have tools now like Trilogy that can automatically find those memories and fix them. After a few days or weeks you will suddenly realize “wow I am not getting angry like I used to.” You’ve changed your channel!


Have a blessed, wonderful day,




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