Tom Brokaw closed the 2008 Democratic National Convention with the words, “Anxiety is the issue of the age.” I believe he is absolutely correct, then and now. Actually, it’s much worse now than when he made that statement, but to be more accurate, the real source is fear. Anxiety comes from fear, anger comes from fear, sadness comes from fear, low self-worth, rejection, unforgiveness, control issues, and at least 95 percent of all illness and disease come from fear. You should be picking up on the pattern by now, almost everything you don’t want in your life comes from fear, including that all-inclusive umbrella that we’re all sick of hearing about: stress.

Now, there is an essential, healthy kind of stress called eustress, which means exercising your body to keep it in balance. It’s basically a “use it or lose it” principle. If you don’t do moderate physical activity, it becomes harder to do physical activity at all. But outside of eustress and immediate, mortal danger, stress is virtually always negative, and in extreme cases, a killer. So where does this unhealthy stress come from?

Decades ago, stress was believed to come almost exclusively from your circumstances. If you took a stress test, it would ask you all kinds of questions about your life. Has someone close to you died recently? Has your house burned down? Have you had a financial reversal? Have you been rejected by someone close to you? It’s absolutely true that all of those things and many more are stressful, but ordinarily your body, mind, and immune system are well-equipped to handle all of these and quickly bounce back. So what determines whether someone can be okay in spite of a stressful circumstance, or whether that stressful circumstance causes them real, lasting pain? In short: internal, underlying stress.

In 2004, Southwestern University Medical School and Medical Center had been searching for years for the cause of illness and disease, because since the dawn of western medicine, the most common answer had been that we simply didn’t know. They made headline news that year by coming out and saying, “We’ve found the source, and it’s your memories.” According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, it is primarily (about 90 percent of the time) your generational and unconscious memories. A memory with anger, unforgiveness, etc., sends a fear signal to the brain, which then turns on your stress response. The worst part is that while external stressors usually only trouble you for a limited time, these internal stressors can continue sending out that fear signal for the rest of your life. When this happens, the first thing your body does is turn off your healing and immune systems, because they are the number 1 utilizer of energy in the body. So unless that memory is healed or changed, it will eventually cause you to break at your weakest link. For my wife that was depression, for me it was acid reflux, and for my friend Dr. Ben Johnson, it was ALS.

The problem is that you can’t perform surgery on memories, and there is no pill or injection, except to numb the pain. Counseling and therapy has not proven very effective at resolving them either, mainly attempting to develop coping mechanisms. While this is useful and much better than nothing, by definition it means that you still have the problem.

So let me be perfectly clear. Unless you change or heal these memories—and everyone has them—you’re going to break at your weakest link, and from there it’s often a snowball effect. And the scariest thing to me is that the latest cutting-edge research says the average person has many of these memories, and they’re so full of lies that it would be more technically accurate to call them illusions than memories. So many people say, “Wait a minute, I havne’t been abused. I’ve never experienced anything like a real catastrophe.” But it’s almost guaranteed that you have these lies and illusions in you as well. It doesn’t have to be a real catastrophe, it just has to be subconsciously perceived that way. I once had a client with a trauma memory that came from not getting a popsicle as a small child, and that sort of thing is far from rare. In reality, it’s practically a guaranteed that you have these types of lies and illusions.

So enough of the bummer news, how about fixing the problem once and for all, and having your immune systems take you to a happiness and health you’ve never known before? That’s what my programs are for. Trilogy is the top 8 healing modalities of all time rolled into one process, and it’s completely free. Memory Engineering allows you to change any negative memory and those related to them in about 10 minutes, which took me 30 years to crack. Use them and never have to worry about anything in this post again.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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