In my entire career, I’ve never met or worked with a single person who didn’t have a rejection issue. It is absolutely, unequivically one of the biggest issues on the planet. Now, there’s an obvious side to rejection where someone gets cussed out, yelled at, or intentionally belittled. And you usually know that you’re doing this or having it done to you, at least after the fact. But there’s another side to it, less obvious and often unintended.

Let me give you an example. When I was younger, I worked in the family business, selling fireworks in the summer. Once, we had a gentleman come in to shop on the last day of business, when I was sleep-deprived and aching, and this guy really ticked me off. I felt that he was very rude, even though I’d done nothing to provoke him. After he left, I said something about it to one of my buddies. Not only had they not noticed anything negative about him, despite sitting right beside me the entire time, but they reminded me that he had come in twice before, and acted the same each time. The first two times, nothing about him had bothered me, and the last time I was cussing mad! Well, the difference wasn’t him, it was me.

The two most fundamental issues at the root of what you think, feel, and do—everything that you call “you”—are significance and security. Rejection is such a serious issue because it’s a major hit to our sense of security, which is all about the presence (or lack) of acceptance and safety we feel . If you Google something like, “rejection,” “overcoming rejection,” or “how to fix rejection,” which I just did as I’m writing this, you’ll come up with about 92 million results. Obviously, I haven’t read all 92 million, but I can tell you what most of them say: Control. Control your circumstances, exert control over others in the form of boundaries, and control your inner thoughts and emotions by reasoning with yourself consciously. In my experience, virtually none of these methods work, although people make plenty of money off them.

Rejection is a heart issue. Not the physical organ, but the subconscious part of our mind and spirit that we mean when we say, “I love you with all my heart.” I’ve never tested a single person who didn’t have a birth trauma which functioned as rejection, and most of us receive additional rejection programming sometime in our first 6 to 8 years of life. The problem is, your heart is a million times more powerful than your conscious intention and willpower. You’ll never be able to overcome that programming by will alone, because the rejection is mandating your thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to avoid feeling that rejection again.

Typically, the best you’ll be able to do is better cope with the same rejection, but even so, it will continue to send you negative thoughts and emotions, and to negatively affect your body chemistry, no matter how well you cope.

On the other hand, healing the core issue in your heart using prayer, Trilogy, or Memory Engineering literally removes that rejection from your programming. In my entire career, I’ve found no other proven, tested, consistent way to heal deep-seated rejection issues. In other words, you could spend your whole life working on it and still have the same issues until the day you die. If that’s what you want, then this isn’t the place for you. On the other hand, if you want to heal those problem for good, in an hour to a few weeks, that’s the only thing we do. So don’t let rejection control you for any longer. Use Trilogy. Use Memory Engineering, and take control back the right way.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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