We all struggle with making the right decision, whether it pertains to our career or kids. Sometimes it’s really tough, though, because the consequences are not all that clear.


For example, some choices may not seem vastly different.They may all seem like good choices, or they may all seem not so great. So how do you make the best choice every time? By trusting your heart.


The heart has an internal mechanism that acts as a truth detector. We call it the conscience. Before you blow that off and say, “Oh, I know all about that,” I’d like to challenge you. Just about everyone I’ve talked to thinks the conscience only functions to tell us the moral right or wrong about a situation. I think it’s more than that. It also tells us what is best.


The Pulse Test, by Arthur Coca, MD, was introduced to me by the founder of energy psychology, Roger Callahan. Dr. Coca explains that you can use your pulse as a very reliable indicator of the state of your body regarding stress, and this will tell you what the best decision is.


It’s very simple to do. Get a baseline reading of your pulse by taking your pulse rate in the morning when you get up and again at night and track that over several days. Now you are ready to take your pulse while you think about a particular decision or issue. After you’re done thinking about that decision, take your pulse rate again to see if you’re back at resting. The basic principle is that if your pulse rate goes up significantly while you’re thinking about a particular choice, that choice is inducing stress in you and is not a good choice. If it’s a good choice for you, you should be at peace when you think about it.


This leads me to an important point. Peace is the light on the dashboard that you can apply to any decision in your life to say, “What is the best decision beyond what my head is saying—my logic and reason? Which decision do I feel the most peace about?”


In my popular self-healing method The Healing Codes, I talk about virtues of the heart such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trust, humility and self-control. In my opinion the only one that you cannot manufacture is peace. It is the state of your body. The opposite of physical stress is peace and everybody is searching for it!


So the next time you have a decision to make, think about it, concentrate on it and see where that peace level is for you on a zero to ten scale, zero being no peace at all, ten being maximum peace. Take your time, especially if it’s a major decision. Then think about possible choice number two and do the same thing. Sit back, relax, think about it, visualize it and think about the words that would best describe what that choice would be.Then, see where your peace level is.


You can also think about the issue and ask yourself, “Do I have peace when I think about this or does my peace go away?” If your peace goes away it doesn’t mean don’t do it, but it is a warning sign. You either need to heal some issues in your heart that are stealing your peace, or it may not be the best decision for you.


I have had so many clients tell me that this simple test changed their life by taking their decision making beyond just their reasoning and logic. If you’re looking for additional tests, The Truth Technique I developed a few years back is one that also greatly helps the decision making process. You can learn more about it here and how it helps you tap into your subconscious mind to discover truths about yourself and make better decisions. It’s fast, simple to do and can be done from the convenience of your home.


Blessings to you as you focus on making the best decisions!


Have a blessed, wonderful day,




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