In a medical and psychological landscape where there is 180-degree disagreement about so many things—standard medicine or complementary, taking drugs or talking about your mother—it always stands out to me when I see an issue with virtually NO disagreement.

Today’s polls inform us that we can’t even agree unanimously on whether or not the earth is round. But when it comes to the life-altering effects of childhood trauma, there is almost universal, 100 percent agreement. Freud’s theory was that by age 6, your personality is completely programmed and set for the rest of your life. Since then, many other studies have concluded that it’s more like 8, 10, or 12 years old. But there is very little disagreement that traumas in your formative years form lifelong, destructive internal programming.

The most obvious and common effect of this is stress arising from internal anxiety, identity, and worth issues. According to the CDC, stress is connected to 90+ percent of all illness and disease, and Dr. Bruce Lipton of Stanford University says it’s 95.

So how does all this work? The childhood trauma exists in us in the form of memories, and believe it or not, it’s not the trauma itself that causes the problems. It is the automatic, often unconscious misinterpretation of that trauma. According to Dr. Caroline Leaf in her bestselling book, Who Switched Off My Brain, we have no mechanisms for the negative. So any time we experience a negative, it is a malfunction 100 percent of the time, and the least common denominator of the malfunction is the memories that hold the programming of those traumas.

A few years ago, Southwestern University Medical School and Medical Center released a study a few years ago for which they interviewed Dr. Eric Nestler, MD, who was chairman of the department. Dr. Nestler said on the record that for most illness and diseases, our treatments today are little more than band-aids, addressing the symptoms but never the source. The conclusion of the study was that the srouce of cancer, of illness and disease, of relationship problems, of almost anything negative, is your memories—or to be more precise, errors and lies within those memories.

In other words, because I was raped, I can never be safe again. Because my dad told me I would never amount to anything, I can never amount to anything. The trauma itself is a problem, but not the problem. The problem is the interpretation, or rather, the misinterpretation.

The bottom line is that misinterpretations cause fear at times when there is no reason of us to rationally be afraid. You can’t change this with your willpower because it originates from your unconscious, which is literally a million times more powerful than your conscious mind. Before I move on to the solution, let me add that not only do we now know that anxiety is the biggest issue on planet earth, but only one in three people ever receive professional help for it. Even more startling, of the people who do get professional help, for 90 percent of them the treatment is ineffective in the long term. Why? Because your unconscious mind protects these traumas in order to serve as an early warning system to protect against that situation happening again. That’s why talking about your mother is not capable of healing that true source. Very few things are.

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Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd

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