I’m sure many of you reading this have struggled at some point with negative thoughts. You may be working to gain control over your negative thoughts through the power of positive thinking, by reading self-help books or by just simply surrounding yourself with positive people.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but there is an overwhelming chance, about a 97 percent chance in fact, that you can’t control your negative thoughts. Now before you throw up your hands and just give up, I’m here to tell you that you can control your negative thoughts, but not necessarily by using the traditional methods we’ve all been taught our entire lives.

There are people who naturally think positive thoughts. It’s not a constant effort for them because they are programmed that way.

You can change your thoughts but only if you change your internal programming. I’d like to touch on three points related to this.

Choosing to think positively doesn’t work. Take, for example, my wife Hope. Hope has an IQ of 129, one of the top 1 percent in the world. Despite this, one of her biggest issues was negative thoughts. She read hundreds of books on how to beat depression and basically each and every one said to simply think positively instead of negatively. This might work temporarily, but it’s not a permanent solution.

This advice would make Hope so frustrated. She’d come to me and say, “don’t you think I have tried that!” She was never able to do that - not once in 12 years. I have thousands of clients who have stories similar to Hope’s.

The second important thing to consider is that, according to industry experts, the self-help industry has a 97 percent failure rate. The 3 percent who succeed are just destined to succeed. The 97 percent who don’t succeed sabotage themselves with negative thinking.

You can’t simply wish negative thoughts away. They are linked to either internal traumas or things you have imagined. Every time you imagine something, it reactivates a memory. Your unconscious does not differentiate between memory and reality so they become part of your thoughts.

The third point I’d like to make is that you inherit traumatic internal memories from your ancestors. I had a client, for example, whose great grandmother way on down the ancestral line witnessed her husband and children killed and everything they owned destroyed during the Civil War. That ancestor developed health problems and so did every woman after that. Once my client was healed she broke the cycle for herself and her children and for generations following. 

For most of us, including myself and Hope, we need new “software” for our mind that is all about healing the memories that cause your negative thoughts.

This may sound crazy, but the majority of us are telling ourselves a lie! We tell ourselves that we are negative because of our circumstances and we are convinced that if we change our circumstances we’ll start thinking negatively.

This never works because if you are programmed to think negatively, then no change in your circumstances will alter that. You’ll be searching for that magical something forever. It’s an internal issue and you’ve got to have a tool to find and fix those. That’s what I’ve developed with the Healing Codes and they have been wildly successful in 167 countries by word of mouth for a good reason!

Some people spend their lives running from the negative. That’s not a solution, either. If they would stop running and embrace the negative and consider where it might be coming from, they might see very dramatic results. Very often one specific thing or a particular person will come to mind and this is a great stepping stone toward healing.

I know you are looking for answers. Here’s a brand new 60-second test I have developed to discover the area of your life that is causing your negative thoughts.

Ultimately the best solution is to ask God to heal your internal negative programming. The second solution is to use proven tools like The Healing Codes. With these tools, it very often just takes days or weeks to heal your negative issues and all from the convenience of your own home.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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