Energy medicine is becoming increasingly popular as more people make it part of their wellness care routine. Whether you’re looking for an acupuncture specialist, a Reiki healer or a coach to help you practice at home, what should you look for in a practitioner? How do you know they’re legitimate?

Today I want to share my advice for finding a good energy medicine practitioner. I know this can be overwhelming so I hope this helps!

During his 2007 appearance on the Oprah show, Dr. Oz said energy medicine is the next big frontier in medicine. He has had several energy medicine experts on his own show and today there is no doubt that it is the fastest growing field in all of medicine.

Google energy medicine and you’ll get thousands of results. Where do you start? You could try a different method every week and never get through all of them!

To make things even more confusing, not all of these methods or practitioners are credible. And finding an effective coach/practitioner/mentor in the field can be the difference between not getting results to getting a few results to getting the absolute best results!

Adding even more to the confusion is the fact that energy medicine is an unregulated field. This means that for every 10 practitioners, four or five of them are probably in it just for the money. It doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to help, but means they are not very knowledgeable and they are trying to understand a wide range of modalities.

Here are seven steps to finding an effective energy medicine practitioner that I sincerely hope will help you during this process.

Do your research.

Number one I would recommend doing some research, knowing in advance it will be overwhelming. You should also take every review with a grain of salt. I would look at reviews, but have your vibe detector on. Does the practitioner seem credible or does something not seem right or too good to be true? Do your research.

Look for someone with experience. 

I would ask how long have they been practicing as well as for some validation of this because new people are flocking to this field like flies to honey.

Ask for references from past clients. 

I wouldn’t just ask about success rates, but would ask what percentage of people have they not been able to help. If they say none,  my antennae would go up because nothing works 100 percent of the time. 

As far as people their methods didn’t work for, I would ask if they have seen a common thread. And, before telling them what your issues are, I would ask them what types of problems have they seen the best results for.

Look for someone with a lot of training.

When I was in my 20s I completed a training program related to acupuncture and emotions. For $50 we went through a 2-hour training and were told we were ready to practice! The training for coaches in my program is a minimum of 6 months and for a lot of people a year to two years and I share that as an example of practitioners with some serious intensive training .

Understand that people who get into the helping profession tend to need help themselves.

People get into the helping profession often are pretty messed up themselves. This may severely hamper their ability to help you or even case you to go down the wrong road. In other words, the OCD person often sees OCD in everybody and the depressed person often sees depression in everybody.

I would ask about their own personal journey in health and healing and if they just sort of blow that off, I would be very leary. If they are very forthcoming, that’s a positive. Everyone has problems but you want someone whose issues aren’t going to negatively impact your working with them.

Look at price.

Just like with insurance prices, the intervention could range from $20 to hundreds of dollars so I would check rates with at least 3 practitioners offering the same services to compare. I wouldn’t necessarily go with the cheapest rate, either.

As with anything, you need to be committed to the process for the best results.

There is another variable to all this, which is almost nothing works instantly. If you have done your homework and they have training, they have clients who love them and positive reviews (weed out the crackpots) don’t expect miracles in a week or a month. Realize you need to be committed for virtually anything to work, whether it’s chemotherapy or balancing your vitamins and minerals and that’s no different in energy medicine although it is unique and a lot of times you will feel a difference very quickly.  

I would also recommend trying my Trilogy method. Trilogy is the culmination of decades of work. I’ve seen wonderful wonderful results with it and I have heard from many heads of programs, coaches, gurus, etc that it is amazing that no one has done this before! So I would recommend something that combines the best of the best in one method, like my Trilogy method, rather than trying a hundred different things. You can also search for a certified coach trained in my methods through my website here.

Whatever path you decide, I wish you the very best of luck!


Dr. Alex


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