We all know someone who is a downer with energy that depletes the room. Maybe that person is even you. You’re desperate to change, and you believe you can by thinking positively. You subscribe to the power of positive thoughts and rightly so. Positive thinking is, well, positive! While you are on the right path, unfortunately you will never reach your final destination of happiness. Why? All the positive thoughts in the world won’t change a thing if your internal heart issues aren’t healed.

Healing your heart issues is the core of what I teach in my books, webinars, podcasts and workshops. Can you rewire your brain? Sure you can! But you must heal your heart issues. The power of your subconscious memories is such that you can’t really change your thoughts without healing their source.

Even the Bible talks about renewing your mind. In the New International Version of the Bible, Romans 12:2 says: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Suppose you admit that you’re not always a positive thinker. At least you are admitting it! Remember that negative train of thought holds you back, is fear-based and:

  • Makes you focus on external circumstances
  • Makes you blame your unhappiness on other people
  • Makes you doubt yourself
  • Makes you see yourself as a victim

Fear-driven negative thoughts can wreck your life because they are deceiving and distracting. You think you’re focusing on the “right” issues, but in reality, you need to let go of fear and heal your internal heart issues.

I know because I let fear rule the majority of the entire first part of my adult life and it nearly wrecked by marriage. Just when my life was falling apart, I had an emotional “aha” moment that would eventually lead to the foundation of The Love Code, which states:

Virtually every problem or lack of happiness and success comes from an internal state of fear in some form -- even physical problems. And every internal state of fear results from a deficit of love in relation to that particular issue.

Yes this sounds simple, but it’s profound. Fear is essentially programmed into the very fiber of your core being, beginning at birth. It continues to imprint on your subconscious mind throughout childhood and dictates how you respond to situations as an adult.

Scientists have proven that our memories our stored not just in our brains, but throughout our bodies in the form of cellular energy. That means that the pain, the trauma, the failure and the hurt you’ve experienced can exist in your unconscious mind and memories for years, even if you do not live with a daily awareness of them. These unhealed memories cause stress, and fear, that holds us back in all areas of life. They profoundly affect our thoughts, whether we realize it or not, making it impossible to break the pattern of unhappiness, no matter how positive we try to be.

Another interesting example of positive thoughts with good intentions, but not always good results, are affirmations, which I’ve discussed before. Affirmations actually do more harm than good because you are essentially telling a lie. Whether your affirmation is something as simple as, “I am at peace with myself” or “I am free of unwanted stress,” you’re unintentionally causing your subconscious stress level to rise by repeating a goal, not a reality. And stress, as I have mentioned, is the cause of almost all illness and disease.

You can consciously change your thoughts, but that is not the long-term solution. The Healing Codes heal your internal programming. Followed correctly, they will help you heal so that you can change your thoughts for good!

When you heal your internal heart issues, your positive thoughts become a reality. And when your thoughts are aligned with your heart and spirit, you are not just thinking your positive thoughts,you are living them!


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