Heart and soul. It’s the name of a classic song from the 1930s, but even in today’s modern times they are both the topic of countless songs, best-selling novels and movies.


What is the difference between the two? And what about our feelings and emotions? They all seem intertwined, but there are distinct differences between all four. Understanding these differences could help you heal once and for all.


In looking back at ancient manuscripts as well as at modern science and speaking with many other researchers and based on my own many years of practice, my expert opinion is that the spiritual heart is what modern medicine and psychology call both unconscious and subconscious.


Primarily physically centered in the right brain, the spiritual heart includes the limbic system, hippocampus, the medulla and reticular formation. Those systems are where images and spatial, rather than linear, learning originate. Meaning and purpose also originate from here. Right brain thinking is what you might informally call thinking “outside of the box,” whereas left brain thinking goes straight by the instruction manual and doesn’t deviate. Now compared to the spiritual heart, the soul is more left brain and conscious mind.


Neuropsychologist Roger Sperry pioneered research on how the left brain differs from the right brain. He was the first to scientifically validate the distinction between the left brain versus right brain and won the Nobel Prize for his work. We have both for a reason, and they work in concert. Just like a rowboat, you need both oars or you’ll end up going in circles!


The subconscious is much more powerful, and if there are any problems it’s more difficult to heal them but if we can live from a relatively clean spiritual heart, then the conscious mind can work at optimum level.


What about feelings? We hear the term interchanged with emotions but feelings are different than emotions. Feelings come from the heart and from the unconscious mind and how it relates to our memories. Our emotions, however, are always related to our current circumstances.


One of the incredible things to me in my years of working with people is that 99 percent of the time when someone is struggling with something that is coming from their heart or subconscious they will swear on the Bible that it is because of their current circumstances. But they are wrong!


Why is this? We have an inherent need to have a reason. So we make up one even if it doesn’t make sense. We rationalize to not feel like we’re going insane.


The tragedy is when I see people and think “man they could have had an awesome life. They could have made a big difference in the world. They could have written an absolute killer book. They could have been such a shining light and made a huge difference to their family.” And I see it over and over again. I see wonderful qualities that they are gifted with, but their gifts are going to waste.


Their feelings and their heart have human hard drive viruses in them that are keeping them from working the way they are capable of working. But rather than fix them, just like you would on a computer, they will go their whole life without living to their full potential. They’ll try anything to fix their current circumstances -- a new car, a new house, a new wife. They think it’s about their external circumstances but it’s not!


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Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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