The concept of chakras originated in Asia at around 1500 BC. Unfortunately, to many of us in the West, these sorts of practices tend to sound mystical and woo-woo. Our reliance on modern medicine has made us resistant to the concept of any healing technique older than the radio, and it’s easy to see why. The pharmaceutical side of health—which we now rely on so heavily—is an arms race. Countless new drugs are constantly hitting the market, and new advances and discoveries are being made constantly.

And yet, more and more, we’re continually rediscovering these ancient concepts, and realizing that we’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater. We may not have the technology yet to determine how these methods work, but they are as effective now as when they were first introduced.

So what exactly are chakras? I sometimes like to think of the human body as a house. You have a foundation, walls, floors and a roof. And you also have all the unseen parts that make it 21st century-livable: plumbing, wifi, insulation, etc. But more than anything else, running through all of it, is energy in the form of electricity. It flows through the whole house, going to each of its parts. Your body has this system as well. In fact, every cell has its own mini powerplant, called the mitochondria. In order to do this job efficiently, to “keep the lights on” in your body, your body has several different systems for governing energy. Chakras are one of those systems.

The concept is really very simple. You have seven energy centers—the chakras—arranged along the midline of your body, from the base of your torso to the top of your head. These energy centers have the power to either boost your energy or deplete it. It works like this. If a chakra is “open,” then the energy flows, if it is “closed,” the energy stagnates. When all of your chakras are open and in harmony with each other, the energy flows and you feel great. On the other hand, if some of your chakras are closed, or if they are not in harmony, then your energy starts to drain away.

The critical components of chakras are included in our free three-minute Trilogy method. Among other things, minute three does a wonderful job of opening and harmonizing all seven chakras. Normally, you would have to go somewhere and pay a practitioner to do that for you, and they’re not always successful. With Trilogy, you can do this right now, for free! So try it today, and just see if it helps you.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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