Today, we have something a little different for all of you. Each month, we hold Total Access calls to give our highest level Access subscribers a chance to have questions about our methods answered. It’s a chance for all of us to sit down, relax, and talk with each other, and a chance for me to offer direct advice on all sorts of practical questions about what makes my methods work, and how to deal with common problems that may arise. These calls are exclusive to Total Access members and are one of the most valuable benefits of subscribing at the Total Access level.

For today’s blog post, we’d like to make one of those Total Access calls freely available to all of you. You can download the audio file here and listen to it at your convenience. In any complex method, unforeseen problems arrive when you move from theory to application. Often these problems are easily fixable, but the solution is not always obvious. I hope that this call is able to provide the solution that you need.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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