Splitting an atom releases enormous power.


As our problems grow, if pulled apart (like splitting an atom), they explode with their own power.


We need to pull problems apart so that their power can be released and we are no longer bound by them; this way, we can finally heal. If we deal with each problem one at a time, they’re much easier to split open. Once you sap the power out of the issue, your own energy and power increases.


Our postulate for today:


Doing wrong is never your fault. You’re not strong enough. Not choosing right is your fault.


I believe that the key to doing ‘right’ is to shift the focus from doing to choosing.




True identity is the soul and spirit; behavior is secondary. The choice we make between bad habits and addictions or prioritizing our relationships is the fundamental choice, and we have to make it often and deliberately.


If you’re choosing something that feels best for you to the detriment of others, this is a fundamental choice. When something detracts from our life and feels like an escape, this is when it becomes a problem; for this reason, balance is critical and the choice made in these moments is the most important one of all.


This life


Our unconscious mind treats behavior as primary. What you do or don’t do. The point of this life is not behavior, which is tied to the flesh or the ‘external’, but love.  


When we have a negative thought, we think it is our own, but Satan speaks in our own voice; just like God and Satan, positive energy has a negative twin. When you feel the negative emotion coming up, make it your intention to switch your energy to the positive twin.


More and more, we are living in high states of stress that we are not recovering from. We have 20,000-90,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of them are negative thoughts from yesterday. That is a huge amount of negativity to deal with day after day!


But the problem isn’t in the behavior, it’s in the choice of where we live our lives – negative or positive.


Stress vs love


Stress is concerned with fear and self-interest, imminent danger (life or death), control, pleasure, pain, and results. Love is concerned with relationships and others, trust, feelings, our spiritual life, and true thoughts. Our stress cycle is going to repeat negative feelings and behavior patterns; living in a cycle of love is going to repeat positivity, fulfilling relationships, and honest thoughts.


Which are you doing? Do you feel like you can choose how often you live in one vs the other?


Remember, this flesh is only temporary and how we live internally is what really determines who we are. See if you can begin to shift how often you live in stress vs love because this will make a huge difference to your life, and it is within your choice and power to do it.


You need to love yourself which means having empathy with your flesh and submitting to internal love.


Live based on choice.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd.


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