Dr. Alex Loyd: It’s wonderful to be with you today as always.  We are honored by your presence.  Our goal with this program is one thing only and that is to help you heal, to love you, to speak the truth in love and that’s it.  If we can do this better please let us know.  We would love to do that.  Thank you so much for your presence.

Very often one thing can make all the difference; one relationship, one event that happens in a person’s life, either for negative or positive.  One person in your life, one book that changes your thinking about something that becomes critical in your life, one day is sometimes the day you remember for the rest of your life.  If you take a washing machine and you take one little bitty piece out of it, it doesn’t work right.  Take a fine watch and take one piece out, it doesn’t work right.  Put it back in and it works fine.   One thing can frequently take you to a better place or a much worse one.  I believe that very often one thing is the reason a person gets cancer or diabetes or something like that.  One thing can make a difference in two people being happy in a relationship or not.

My wife and I met in a bizarre set of circumstances.  I did a thing one Friday night that I had never done in my entire life, not once, and never did again.  It wasn’t anything bad but it was very out-of-character for me.  I didn’t even know why I was doing it at the time.  When I did it I met my wife.  I don’t believe that ever would have happened any other way.  The odds of me doing that thing that night were way more than 100/1, probably more than 1000/1.  There were other wild circumstances before we got married that all happened.  It started with that one thing.

When Hope was sick with her depression for all those years we tried hundreds of things.  We figured out one time that we spent in out of our pocket dollars way over $100,000 on pills and medications and supplements and different modalities and traveling to people who had hope for healing depression.  None of those things did it.  Then The Healing Codes discovery came along.  That one thing….

Very often one thing can make you or break you.  One of my heroes and a person who had a tremendous impact on me early in my life and who had a lot to do with the path I chose and my direction was Viktor Frankel  who wrote the timeless classic, Man’s Search for Meaning.  What Viktor Frankel found was the one thing that allowed him to survive the concentration camps in Germany.  It was to “exercise the last of human freedoms''.  In so doing he not only survived but in a way thrived. It became the foundation for what he did when he got out of the concentration camp.  That was to be the founder of the school of therapy called logotherapy.  That impacted people all over the world and has ever since and still is today.  You go to any library and you’ll find his books. 

What did he do?  What was this exercising the last of human freedoms?  He determined what he was going to focus his image maker on.  It was going to be something that would keep him alive, save him, inspire him, give his strength, give him energy, give him power that he seemingly should not have in those kinds of circumstances, and give him something to live for internally.  I’ll tell you what that is in just a second, but I want you to think right now what that is for you.  Do you have something like that?  If you were lost in the woods and were 50 miles away from the closest person, there were no telephones or cell phones or buildings or businesses – lost in the woods far away from any civilization and it were cold.  It’s a survival kind of setting.  Do you have one thing that would create power inside you, positively, to keep you alive?

If you were falsely imprisoned for many years would you have one thing to keep you alive?  I know you’ve probably heard that your anger will keep you alive.  Anger does have an affect and it certainly can kick adrenalin in.  But long term anger will hurt you, not keep you alive.  Do you have one positive thing in a circumstance like that which will keep you alive – one thing to live for?

During the years that Tracey was depressed I would share these things with her.  At one point I shared Viktor Frankel’s book with her.  It really didn’t register.  She said, “I can’t seem to do that.  I’m so overwhelmed with my negative thoughts and my negative feelings that whenever I try to change that channel it sort of changes right back.”  That’s a Healing Codes place.  Sometimes to do these things effectively you do need to heal some underlying programming.  Maybe you’ve got so much fear programming or anger programming or sadness or “I can’t do it” or “I deserve to fail” or “I deserve to be sick” or “I don’t deserve to be well” or a hundred other things.  That negative programming is overwhelming your ability to choose.  Sometimes you need to heal that underlying programming just like Hope did before this will work right for you. 

She was able to come up with one or two things even in the midst of that terrible pain.  One was, and this was one of the reasons she changed her name to Hope, one was just a vision, a hope vision that someday she might be free of that illness.  She pictured what she might do and how she might feel; moment in moment out, hour in hour out, day in day out, if she didn’t have to be in that place of depression, hopelessness and despair.  That became a vision of strength to her.  It gave her the will at times to put one foot in front of the other.  Another one was her children.  “I want to be here for my children, to watch them grow up, to be at their graduation and their weddings.  I want to be a positive influence in their life, not a negative one.”  That was another one that helped her. 

There were not really many of me that helped her.  Back then she was angry at me a lot of the time.  That’s part of the depression and part of it was probably me.  Occasionally she might be able to remember back to when things were great between us and before the depression hit with full strength.  She really couldn’t get a vision of me that would help her.  Those often took her the other way, to anger, frustration and that sort of thing. 

Viktor Frankel’s visions, and he had a couple of them; one was in the past where he would envision…  I hate to use the word “imagine” even though it is the mechanism that is our imagination.  The reason is we think of the imagination as more like daydreaming instead of the most powerful tool we have at our disposal, which is what it really is.  I like to call it the image maker.  It is the only thing on planet earth that we have access to that creates.  Everything that has been created by man has been created by the image maker; the Empire State Building, the Great Wall of China, the clothes you are wearing right now, the building you are in right now, the cell phone you’re using, your computer, everything that has ever been created by man has been created through the image maker.  That’s a scientific fact.  You can’t build it until you see it.  The things we use words for we see as an image first.  Sometimes we’re not conscious of the image but it’s still there.  Dr. Antonio DiMassion is being mentioned for the Nobel Prize.  He’s the head of the neuro department at USC.  He’s a medical doctor and a PhD.  He’s done extensive research on this.  He says that imageless thought is a scientific impossibility.  You can’t have a word, you can’t have a thought, you can’t have an action unless you have an image creating those things.  The image maker is the most powerful tool you have available to you for anything; work, success, health.  It’s the most powerful tool you have. 

That is the tool that Viktor Frankel put into action.  He focused it in two places.  One was in the past.  It was him being with his family in their cozy living room with a roaring fire; warm, cozy loving evenings that took place.  He would focus on that while he was sitting in the prison camp.  He would all of a sudden not be in the prison camp anymore.  He would be back in that wonderful, loving time of his life in the den where they spent so many fantastic times.  He was literally there. 

You say, “Alex, he wasn’t literally there.  He was in the prison camp.”  No he wasn’t.  To your heart, when you imagine something, there is no past or future.  Everything is present tense reality, 360 degree, surround sound, raw experience.  That’s why pornography is such a big deal.  That’s why so many men these days, and there may be some women too…  I was reading research on this the other day.  This is an absolute epidemic and it’s one no one wants to talk about.  It’s why so many men have gotten to the place through pornography where they prefer it over actual physical relations.  That sounds absolutely absurd.  No, it doesn’t if you understand the heart.  It is an actual experience.  When you visualize it you feel it.  You literally experience it.  Only in that realm the person doing it can arrange the situation totally to their liking, even if it was something that would never occur with a real person. 

That’s a negative use of that and there are whole lots of those.  Every addiction known to man starts with the creation of images in the heart that cause us to feel something.  It never turns out the way we want.  It turns out with guilt and shame and addiction.  The positive use is like a positive nuclear explosion.  The release of power and energy is absolutely life changing.  Viktor Frankel focused in the past with one and in the future with another.  The one in the future was he would finish a book that he had started that was designed to help people.  If and when he got out of there he would finish that book and dedicate his life to helping people who were in pain and suffering.  Basically those two uses of his image maker… 

In light of the way we’re talking about it today he created two things to life for.  One was in the past, a positive escape in a healthy way.  There are a million unhealthy ways to do that.  Then the one in the future about the thing he would do if he got out of there – one thing he talked about is that other people who were imprisoned who did not find that thing to live for by in large didn’t live.  They died even though they had the same amount of food and everything else. 

Larry Napier, who is my spiritual mentor, talked to a person who had been falsely imprisoned and beaten and all kinds of horrible, terrible things.  Larry asked, “How important to you in prison as far as your survival was your imagination.”  The man immediately had tears in his eyes.  His whole countenance changed.  He said, “It was everything to me.”  It’s what kept him alive. 

Maybe without even hearing the name Viktor Frankel he did exactly what Viktor did in the holocaust.  He used his image maker in positive ways.  He told Larry some of those.  He gave himself power from within and from God that without that power, that strength, that attitude, love, joy, peace, most likely he would have died.

Most of us are never going to experience anything like that. If you are please use that to stay alive and to save yourself.  When you are out of that situation I would advise doing what Victor did, use your life to make a positive difference. 

The real point because most of us will never be there, is what is that one thing to live for right now?   Doing the laundry, running errands, being in a job that you hate, being in financial situations that cause fear about the future and feelings of it being awful, health problems and relationships that are not the way they should be – one thing I would advise, and I never really advise day dreaming, but intentionally using your image maker to create positive in your life I could not recommend more highly.  I do it every single day and I don’t know how my day would go if I didn’t do it.

You don’t have to read a book for this.  Do what Viktor did.  Find that one thing for you or two.  Maybe one is in the past, a memory of love, joy and peace.  When you remember that memory you just feel good way down to the core of who you are.  Maybe one is in the future like Viktor’s, about a difference you want to make in your life.  It’s okay to do things to make money, but let’s do it in a win/win/win deal where it’s also helping the community and helping the people who purchase things from you so that it’s not about making money.  Making money is just something that happens as you contribute positively to those people and to the world. 

I would highly advise you, even though you are not stuck in the woods, not in the holocaust, not imprisoned, identify what that one thing for you would be if you were and start using it today to make your normal, everyday life one that is filled with purpose and with love and with truth.  It will make a difference to everyone who comes in contact with you.  It will make a difference in your health issues.  It will make a difference in your finances and everything else. 

This week, put yourself in that situation.  Feel like it would feel to be lost or imprisoned; desperation, fear, anger.  What is that one thing that I would use my image maker on?  Not to create anger to get even, because in the long run that will hurt you.  To create love and joy and peace and purpose and a reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other with a good attitude and a place of peace and gratitude.  Then make that an intentional part of your day every day.  Name it something.  Say, “For the next 30 minutes I’m going to relax and envision these pictures with an image maker.  I’m going to create the love, joy, attitude and those things that are going to be a positive power source throughout my day that can override and compensate for almost negative.” 

If you have trouble doing it like Hope did for so many years, then you’ve probably got some cleaning out and healing you need to do with the Code.  Do that.  Whether it takes an hour or a week or a month, do that until you are able to use your image maker for these purposes. 

It’s working whether you know it consciously or not.  But if you can’t access it consciously it is probably working to produce negative things that are along the lines of your self-talk, the things you are thinking and feeling day in day out.  We don’t want that.  That’s making the problem worse.

When you’ve done it successfully you’ll see those negative thoughts and emotions change and they will start becoming much more positive.  That’s how you know that image maker exercise you’re doing every day is changing your underlying programming.  It is producing that inward state that is going to become that positive power source. 

This week pray about it.  Meditate about it.  Find those one or two things to live for.  Aim your image maker at them regularly for periods of time.  You will start to feel it, maybe not right at first but over time.  It will become a huge, wonderful part of your life.


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