Here is a transcript of one of our old spiritual teaching calls.

Title: Do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, fast?


Ken: I think the key word there is “feel,” isn’t it Alex?


Dr. Alex Loyd: Oh, Ken, man you are so brilliant.  You’re absolutely right.  Thank you.  Welcome, welcome beautiful, lovely people we love, that I pray for every day all over the world.  We’re so honored by your presence ever single week.  I never take it for granted.  I’m amazed every single week when all you fantastic people show up.  Thank you so much, whether you are listening live or on recording.


I’ve tried to calculate how many people I’ve worked with over the years in counseling or self-help or with The Healing Codes and that type of situation.  I have no clue.  It’s in the  thousands easily.  In The Healing Codes we have clients in 50 states, 158 countries and counting.  Before that I did years of private practice counseling therapy with individuals, groups, families, etc.  What we’re talking about is one of the most common complaints and also misunderstandings I’ve experience over the years.  Because of that it is one of the most critical factors in being successful.  If it one of the most common misunderstandings as far as trying to heal and be successful that means if you can have a correct understanding and deal with this issue in the right way you have just increased your odds of success astronomically.  I believe that is absolutely the truth.


When Ken introduced me what he said was, “Well I guess the problem there may be the word “feeling” in the title” – Do you ever feel like you’re not getting anywhere fast. He’s exactly right.  The problem here may be that feeling in and of itself.


One of the most famous presidents in U.S. History said in one of the most famous speeches ever given, “All we have to fear is fear itself.”  I believe there’s a whole lot of truth in that, too.  But in this case the feeling itself that “I’m not getting anywhere,” “It’s not working for me,”  “What’s wrong,” etc. may be your biggest problem and the thing that is keeping you from the success that you are seeking.  To be a little more specific, that feeling and the belief that it is coming from. 


The reason for that is that very often the feeling will cause people to stop when in reality they were healing exactly like they were supposed to be all along.  You’ve probably heard me tell one of my favorite examples of this.  Two gentlemen came to The Healing Codes.  Both had migraine headaches.  They were both 45 years old.  They had migraine headaches the same severity, the same frequency for the same amount of time – 15 years.  If they had come in to any doctor the doctors would say the symptomology of these two guys is exactly the same.  The doctor would treat them the same with the same drugs, probably unless there were some contraindications related to medications or something like that.  He very likely would treat them the same. 


At The Healing Codes one of these gentlemen, and they were both doing the same process and work because they were both working with me.  One of them had his migraines heal and never come back to my knowledge in a little bit less than 3 weeks.  The other gentleman had his migraines heal and never come back to my knowledge in just under 13 months.  Think about that:  3 weeks, 13 months, for all appearances the same problem, same severity, same frequency, same amount of time, same age, same nationality, same ethnicities.  Why one three weeks and one 13 months? 


The reason is because they did not have the same problem.  They had the same symptoms.  That’s one of the dangers of looking at symptoms and measuring symptoms.  The symptom may have very little to do with the source as far as how much of the source there is, how long it will take for it to heal, the amount of resistance that particular person has to healing, the circumstances of life that are more stressful.  One of them may have a self-sabotage issue that the other one does not that makes it take longer.  With these particular two gentlemen the one that took three weeks called me and was very kind, very gracious, very excited.  “Thank you so much.  This makes such a big difference in my life.”  And that was it.


The other gentleman who took 13 months was weeping on the phone.  He said, “You don’t understand, Dr. Loyd, I started doing The Healing Codes to heal my migraines.  It has healed and changed my whole life 180 degrees.”  For the gentleman that it seemed to not be working on, he had the much more profound experience once it was all said and done.  It was a much bigger deal in his life than the other gentleman.  He was the one it didn’t seem to be working on, but it was the whole time. 


This is not a talk about The Healing Codes.  We’re going to get to this issue in just a minute.  I like to use examples and The Healing Codes is a good example with this particular issue.  We are going to be getting to a teaching.


In the early days of The Healing Codes I tested them with HRV for about a year and a half – the medical test for stress.  One of the questions we would ask people is, “Could you tell a difference in doing the Code?”  We would do an HRV before the Code and an HRV after the Code.  We would say, “You’re done with the Code.”  It took 6-8 minutes.  “Do you feel any different?  Do you feel like that Code made any difference to you?” 


About 50% of people would say, “Yeah, man.  I felt it.  It was great.  I feel night and day different.”  The other 50% would say, “No, I didn’t really feel anything.”  Of the people who did not feel anything over 90% of them….  They were hooked up to a medical test, remember, a medical test that doesn’t respond to placebo according to the experts and literature.   Over 90% of the people who said they could not tell that it did anything, did any good at all  “I might as well have just been sitting here doing nothing” showed a positive clinical result that until we did it was believed to be so positive that it was impossible.  That means to take their autonomic nervous system from stress to out of stress in 6-7 minutes.  It’s supposed to take a minimum of six plus weeks of strenuous diet, exercise and stuff like that.


JoHanna Chan who is going to be coming on the call in just a few minutes to do Custom Codes, recently we were interested in a Kirlian photography type machine that we’re thinking about using at our live events.  It takes an aura scan.  Your energy can be photographed either in video or in still picture form.  It’s a type of Kirlian photography developed years ago.  It shows non-physical energy, anything that is non-matter as a picture of matter in different colors.  JoHanna went to this place in Los Angeles that sells these machines and demonstrates them and that sort of thing.  The gentleman who sells the machines did a scan on himself and then JoHanna had him do a Healing Code.  Then he did another scan on himself.  The gentleman told JoHanna that he could not feel anything from the Code, nothing.  No positive result at all.  Then he did the post aura scan and it was dramatically different in a positive way.  I think he even told JoHanna that he’d rarely seen such a positive shift – from a negative looking aura around the body to a positive one.  All that was while he felt nothing.


The reason I’m brining this is up is be very, very careful what you base your feelings about whether you are making progress or not whether with the Codes or just with spiritual principles that we teach or another modality or anything.  Very often you are healing exactly the way you are supposed to be even though you don’t feel it. 


One of my favorite examples of this is Patty Creighton in Michigan who I worked with.  When I met her she was bedfast.  She had severe autoimmune issues and she reacted to everything: detergents, perfumes, clothes.  It had gotten to the point that she could only wrap herself in a bed sheet that had been very carefully washed in basically a certain type of soap and water.  She would wear that bed sheet all day long and wash it and wear it again the next day.  She was in bed all the time and felt horrible.


She started doing The Healing Codes and for six months felt worse every single day.  She was already feeling bed.  She was bedfast.  She would call me almost every single day and a lot of times would be crying on the phone.  I was amazed that she kept doing it.  She kept saying, “This isn’t working.  This isn’t working.  This isn’t working.  It’s making me worse, not better.  It’s making me worse.  Why is this happening to me?”  But when I tested her I always got that she was healing.  It was a healing response, it was a detox.  Before she started she went to her medical doctor who did a test on her and wrote in his own handwriting, “This woman has the highest concentration of heavy metals in her body of anyone I have ever tested.”  That’s why she was feeling so bad.  She was heavy metal toxic big time.  That’s one of the most poisonous things on the planet to the body. 


After about six or eight months the skies parted and virtually overnight every one of Patty’s problems went away.  She felt like she was 20 years old.  She would call me everyday then only it would be, “Guess what I’m doing.  I’m out rollerblading” or “I’m out swimming from one island to the other” or “I’m out learning to Salsa dance.” She met the love of her life, was traveling all over the world, etc.  She wrote me an unbelievable testimony saying she felt better not only than she felt before she got sick but much better than she’d ever felt in her entire life.


The truth is that Patty was healing exactly as she was supposed to every single day.  As I believe virtually everyone who does The Healing Codes or integrates these spiritual principles into their life is.  The problem is a wrong belief that comes from bad programming that causes us to have feelings that this isn’t working for me.  I’m stuck.  Occasionally someone will really get stuck but in my experience it is rare.  They will read our testimonials about all the overnight miracles and think, again, “This isn’t working for me.  Something is wrong.”  But according to the medical tests it is virtually always working.  It is just that when you are working on sources instead of symptoms it doesn’t work the way working on symptoms does. 


You take two Advil and your headache is gone in 15 minutes, working on the symptom.  But then you’ve got to keep taking the Advil all your life.  When you work to heal the source of the headache it may take you six months but then you’ll never have to deal with that again.  It doesn’t take, usually, 15 minutes like the Advil.  We want it to work like the Advil.


I would love it if it would, but unfortunately it doesn’t.  So you may never get to the result you want because you are not willing to start slow right where you are, take baby step after baby step after baby step every single day, live in the present moment in love and let the results happen for you as they happen.  That is the way to great results every single time.  Deprogram and reprogram, then live in the present moment in love, giving up the end result.  Say, “It will happen as it happens for me.  I may be a 3-week person.  I may be a year and three month person.  I may be a two-year person.”  I had one lady who was two years and eight months.  She was convinced it wasn’t working for her.  She called me after two years and eight months and apologized about 20 times because she’d been telling me for two years and eight months it wasn’t working. 


Here is part 2 of why this happens.  It’s also from your programming, from a wrong belief, from a feeling from the belief that it is not happening for me or it’s not happening fast enough.  That is a word called “impatience.” 


Virtually anything you experience any time in the anger family: anger, irritation, resentment, bitterness, frustration, impatience, etc.  Do a Google search on all emotions related to anger and you’ll have a whole bunch come up.  Anything you experience in the anger family you can be sure you are experiencing that because you have a wrong goal that never should have been a goal in the first place.  The wrong goal is based on external expectation end results and achieving them primarily through willpower. 


According to Dr. Lipton the odds of having that work out well for you are about a million to one.  According to Dr. Dan Gilbert in research done at Harvard, having external expectations as your goal puts you into immediate chronic stress that you do not come out of until you change that goal, achieve it, or don’t achieve it.  For some people that is decades or their entire adult life. 


What that means is that if you experience something in the anger family you have a wrong goal that shouldn’t be a goal.  It is based almost certainly in willpower and external end result expectations which is creating more stress in your life.  That makes you sick, tired, dumbed down, energy drained, coming at whatever you do from a negative perspective and failing.  It’s what causes chemical imbalance and hormonal imbalances in the brain.  It’s what messes up your digestion.  It’s what causes kidneys to fail.  It’s what causes respiratory issues and lung problems.  It’s what causes a premature breakdown of cartilage and muscle tissue.  It’s what causes you to loose access to your intelligence.  Etc, etc, etc. 


The very evidence that you’re doing all this is the feeling and thought and belief that this is not working for me, it’s taking too long, what’s the matter, etc.  If you think or feel that you can be virtually guaranteed that you are creating more stress in your life which is how you got the problems that you are trying to heal right now in the first place.  You are sabotaging your own healing.  You are sabotaging your success.  You are sabotaging your relationships. 


Loyd, what do I do?  You can probably predict what I’m going to say.  You have to deprogram and reprogram the internal fear, falsehood and darkness source that is causing you to have that belief which is causing the feelings that this is not working for me, it’s taking too long, what’s the matter, etc.  That is causing the impatience, frustration, and anger-family feelings that are the warning light on a dashboard that you’ve got a wrong goal.  You are focused on external expectations.  You are trying to do it through willpower.  You are trying to exert unhealthy control rather than faith, trust, hope and belief. 


Get out the Codes.  Get out the Master Key.  By the way we just received a Patent Pending from the U.S. Government on the Master Key, which we’re very excited about.  Get out the Success Codes and start with that feeling of frustration, irritation, impatience, anger.  Say, “I feel like I’m stuck.  I feel like I’m not getting anywhere fast.  I feel like it’s not working for me.   I read all these testimonials and hear all these things and say, ‘Why not me?’ and feel frustrated.” 


The frustration means you have a wrong goal.  Your wrong goal is not to live in the present moment in love giving up the end results.  You are grabbing hold of the end results and trying to control them through willpower which causes your stress to spike.  It works against your healing.  It’s not that the Codes may not be working or EFT or the spiritual principles that we talk about that you are trying to prayerfully integrate in your life.  It’s not that those are not true and won’t work; it’s that you are keeping them from working.  You are pressing your stress button over and over and over and over and over.


How do you get it OFF?  You deprogram, reprogram and then you say like Scarlett O’Hara, “As God is my witness I’m going to live in the present moment in love and give up the end result to God.  That is not my gig.”  If I have to remind myself that a thousand times a day I’m going to do it.  Maybe the second day I’ll only have to remind myself 500 times and the third day 200 times.  Maybe by the end of a few weeks I’ll only have to remind myself 8-10 times a day.  Every time I experience anything in the frustration family I’m going to recognize that I’m doing it again.  Don’t beat yourself up for that, just say, “Let me go to work with the Codes on the anger, frustration, irritation, the wrong goal.  Heal the source of that.  Start believing the truth and saying ‘I’m not going to listen to that wrong belief anymore.  I’m going to live in the present moment in love and give up the end results.  I’m going to have faith and trust and hope and belief which is the door through which all results and miracles come.  I’m not going to keep exerting unhealthy control and willpower in a way that Dr. Lipton at Stanford says I have a million-to-one chance of succeeding at anyway.’  It’s not going to work anyway so why keep doing it.”  Because it’s how you are programmed.


Use the Codes to deprogram and reprogram from the unconscious and subconscious.  Use your conscious mind to say, “I am committing from this day forward as best as I can – I’ll never do it perfectly but as best I can – live in the present moment and give up the end result to God in trust and faith and hope and belief.  Whatever it is is whatever it is.  I’m okay with that.  It’s not my goal.  My goal is the present moment in love.” 


Sorry for the soapbox.  This is the biggy.  I probably hear this one every single day by somebody or other.  That goes back 20 years.  I’m sure there have been a few days I haven’t heard that but almost every day from somebody I hear something related to this.  It’s not that EFT or the Codes or the principles aren’t true and won’t work; it is that you are keeping them from working or at least working as fast as they can. 


It’s okay.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Let’s switch horses and start doing what works. 


Thank you. 


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