Thank you for being here today from all around the world.  We are greatly honored by your presence every single week.


I’d like to start with a little exercise.  You heard Ken give the title of this week’s spiritual law of nature, Disharmony with yourself.  I’d like you to take a second and close your eyes unless you are driving or something like that.  Don’t do anything that will be dangerous.  If you are where you can, close your eyes.  If you’re not, just do it with your eyes open.  Say the word “disharmony”.   Disharmony.  Disharmony.  Disharmony.  See what comes up for you.  What images come up?  What words?  What thoughts?  What beliefs?  What do you feel in your body from the word “disharmony”?


Are you doing that?  I hope so.


Does that feel good or does that not feel so good?  Does it feel clear and concise and “this is good” or does it feel more like static and confusion and uncertainty, “I don’t like this a whole lot”? 


Now let’s switch and use the word “harmony”.  Harmony.  Harmony.  Harmony.  What do you think?  What do you feel?  What images do you see?  How does that feel in your body?  That’s a good one for this.  How does the word “harmony” feel in your body? 


Usually when I do this exercise (and I don’t do it a whole lot), there’s a pretty stark contrast between what people feel just from those two words.  Of course that is what I’m trying to get at.  That’s the point I’m trying to make.  In reality so many people that come to The Healing Codes and that I worked with in counseling and therapy for years, one of the things that was at the root of the problem they were having, and they usually came to me because they had problems, at the root of that was a disharmony.  One thing I discovered is that a lot of times when you cleared that up, when you eliminated the disharmony and started living from a place of harmony those problems got better, a lot of times over night. 


Yes, I would advise you to pull out the Codes and use them to help you with this: The Healing Codes, Success Codes, The Master Key.  All of those are to help eliminate static and disharmony and create harmony.  But with this one there is a whole lot you can do just with a change of mind and heart, with an aha about how you are living your life versus the best way to live your life.


Here’s where I’m coming from.  We’ve been doing this Cutting Edge program, I believe, for more than five years; five going on six years.  That whole time I have been talking regularly about living in love in the present moment or living in truth and love in the present moment.  More recently you’ve heard me start talking about living in love in the next 30 minutes whatever you are doing.  The reason I switched to that 30 minutes is because for a lot of people that saying, “Living in the present moment” was too open ended, too fuzzy, too sketchy – out there in the ozone.  They needed something a little more concrete.  So when I started saying, “look at the next 30 minutes” and sometimes I have to do 5 minutes in my own life.  Thirty minutes is too long for me based on what’s going on in my life.  But that’s why I started saying 30 minutes, but it’s really all the same thing.  Living in love in the present moment.


I’ve talked so much about what you should do and what will happen if you don’t do that and what will happen if you do that and the research behind that and all that sort of thing.  But there’s one thing that I don’t discuss very much in regard to this issue.  That is the two reasons you should live in the present moment in love.  I believe they are very, very compelling if you just look at it from a logical, what’s in it for me, what is the best thing, the most efficient thing to do, the quickest way to get to the end result I’m trying to get to.  There are two reasons I would suggest to you as the reasons you should consider doing that every single day of your life to the best of your ability.


Here they are:  1) Let’s take the love part.  If you are not focused, not coming from a place of love in whatever you are doing, then you’re putting yourself into a state of fear.  Virtually everything or anything you can do in your life is either love based or fear based.  Of course we see that for our most significant relationships and the career choice that we make and those things we see as really important.  But ladies and gentlemen, it goes so much farther than that.  Really sometimes the things that seem insignificant are the most significant.  You can do the laundry in love or in fear.  You can go to the grocery store in love or in fear.  You can mop the floor in love or in fear. 


You have heard me tell the story of how Hope kicked me out of the house 23 years ago and said, “I can’t stand to live with you anymore.”  I hated cleaning toilets.  It was probably my least favorite thing in the world to do.  I thought it was disgusting and degrading.  If I had to clean a toilet, which I did occasionally, I was grumbling and mumbling and angry and irritated and the smell was bugging me.  The thought of what this was that I was cleaning…  I hope you get the picture of how I was cleaning that toilet.  It was fear based. 


Then Hope kicks me out of the house.  She says she can’t stand to live with me anymore.  I believe that God tells me shortly after that happened, that not only did I not love Tracey – her name then was Tracey and now is Hope – not only did I not love Tracey, but I didn’t even know what love was.  I was doing love like a business deal, like a business transaction:  You do this for me and I’ll do that for you.  But if you don’t do this for me I am not going to do that for you.  If I do this for you and you don’t do your thing for me I’m going to get angry, irritated, frustrated, chip-on-my-shoulder, prideful; one or all of the above.


But, during that time that we were separated I feel like my heart became changed and I came to know what love was.  I came to love Tracey, maybe for the first time, in a big, big way.  I no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her for the stuff I could get.  I wanted to be in relationship with her for her, just as she was, whether I got what I wanted or not. 


Then an interesting thing happened.  An occasion came up where I needed to clean another toilet.  An amazing thing happened that showed me just how far God had brought me.  Without trying to, no effort at all, I found myself cleaning toilets singing while I was doing it.  I didn’t even realize I was singing.  Whistling for joy, not even realizing I was whistling until Tracey brought it to my attention.  “Boy, you sound happy.  What are you doing?”  “Cleaning the toilet!  Are you kidding me?  You sound that way cleaning the toilet?  You used to pitch a fit if you had to clean a toilet.”  It occurred to me, you’re right.  I did.  What’s happened?  Love happened, where before I was doing it in fear.


Virtually anything you do, you do it from a fear base and out of fear.  If you’ve heard this program very long you’ve heard this too.  Virtually all of the negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs come out of fear.  The other name for the stress response is the fear response.  You can do anything you do out of fear and stress or out of love and peace. 


If you don’t do that, you are in disharmony with yourself.  We are a three-part being.  Part number one (and I believe this is in order of importance) Heart and Spirit.  I believe the spirit is in the heart according to ancient manuscripts.  And also in the heart is what we call the conscience.  I have another name for that.  I call it the love compass.  That’s part number one.  Our heart and spirit and conscience and all those un- and subconscious issues need to be in love. 


Part number two our Mind and Soul. This is your logical, rational, left-brain linear thinking which is very, very important.  There’s a reason we have that.  It’s important.  We need to consciously be choosing to live in love, not fear.  But it’s almost impossible to do that if your heart and spirit are programmed for fear.  That’s why you need to get, maybe, some of these tools to help you change that. 


The third part of our being, our Body also needs to be operating in love and peace.  The opposite of that are fear and the stress response.  Anything except coming from a place of love and peace violates your conscience and puts you in disharmony with yourself.  Either your heart and spirit are not in harmony with your soul and mind, or it’s just that your heart and spirit, soul and mind, and body are coming from a place of fear.  But your conscience is never coming from a place of fear.  It is our hard-wired, hard drive programming that is love based. 


Number one, if you’re not coming and focused from a place of love you are putting your three-part being in disharmony.  That’s called stress.  Out of that comes failure, health problems, relationship struggles, the fear response, you name it. 


Number two reason why you need to do whatever you’re doing in love in the present moment – everything that you do is in reality in the present moment.  You want proof of that?  I’m going to give you an instruction.  I want you to go to the grocery store yesterday.  (laughter)  How about, go to the grocery store tomorrow but right now.  Do it tomorrow now.  That doesn’t even make sense.  That’s right.  Everything you do is, in reality, in the present moment.   Everything you think, everything you feel, everything you do, your beliefs, you actions, new memories, everything you do is in the present moment.  You cannot do anything right now yesterday.  You can’t do anything right now tomorrow.  When tomorrow gets here it will be “right now” again.  But I can’t do anything tomorrow now.  I can only do now, now. 


So if you’re focused in the past or in the future you are also in disharmony with yourself because you are not in the past or the future.  Everything you do is now and you are built to operate in the now. 


I’m not saying you don’t ever go look at the past.  I go look at the past for several reasons: to heal things with the Codes or Master Key or LT3, to get wisdom and perspective on something I’m trying to figure out now or in the future.  I think about the future sometimes.  It’s called planning.  But I don’t live there.  I live in the present moment – the next 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes – the present moment in love. 


Everything you do is now and if you’re focused in the future or the past how does that affect you?  Think about it this way.  How good a job do you do if you are focused on one place while doing something else?  Just think about it logically.  How good a job do you do?  If you are talking to your wife or husband but you are focused on the television, how good a job are you going to be doing?  Are they going to like that?  How come they won’t like that?  Because they know they don’t have your heart.  You may be saying words to them but they can see that’s not where you are focused.  So you end up saying something and your wife or husband goes, “What?  That doesn’t even make sense with the question I asked you.”  Then you stop and say, “I’m sorry.  What was the question again?” 


What if you are driving a car in some rather tedious driving conditions but you are focused looking over into a field somewhere, not on the road.  Everybody knows that’s how you have wrecks.  Almost anything you can name, if you are doing it in one place but you are focused in another you are not going to do it well. 


I think that’s why a lot of people can’t be successful.  Their conscious mind is maybe trying to focus on their work in order to become successful but their heart has so much fear, so much anger and so many memories that are painful and traumatic and they have programming, what Ken Johnston calls your buttons, that are saying “you can’t be successful.  You can’t make $100,000 a year.  You can’t reach this achievement or objective.”  You are trying to be focused on what you are doing at work but these thoughts, feelings and beliefs are distracting you to another focus.  You are divided.  You are in disharmony.  You can’t do your best when you’re trying to do one thing but you are focused somewhere else.


Those are the two reasons: 1) If you’re not living in the present moment in love you are in disharmony with yourself, your three-part being.  2) If you are not living in the present moment in love you are in disharmony because you are living in one place but focused in another.  That doesn’t work well with anything you want to choose in life.  You need to be focused where you are for the most part, the majority of the time.  That’s how you are going to do your best.


This week when you go out and sit under your tree and meditate or take a walk or whatever, take a pad and paper or your smartphone and write down your feelings about these two areas of life.  As far as me being a three-part being (heart/spirit, soul/mind, body) am I in harmony or disharmony?  How is my heart and spirit?  Fear based versus love based?  How is my conscious mind, soul and thinking and conscious intention?  Love based, fear based?  How is my body?  Love based, fear based?  Well, how do you tell that?  By how it feels.  Do you feel great or not?  Stress is fear from which almost all health problems come.  Love is peace.  Physiological peace is health and healing. 


Then on the other side, am I focused in the present moment or do I have unhealed things in the past that are causing me to be afraid of the future and I can’t live in the present?  Well, the first step to that is the realization that this is how you work.  You are meant to be in harmony, living in the present moment with your focus in the present moment.  And living in love (heart/spirit, soul/mind, body) all in harmony.  That’s how you are built.  We don’t have any mechanisms in our body and brain for the negative.  None.  Every one of those is a malfunction of the positive because we’re coming from a place of fear which kicks us into stress mode and over time something starts to break.  It’s a malfunction.


Jot that down.  How am I doing living in the present moment?  How am I doing living in love?  If I’m not doing well or I have two or three places, which all of us do including me, what do I need to change in order to get there?  Can I do that?  Do I need to pull my Codes out?  Do I need to pull Master Key out and heal some stuff in order to do that?  If you do we can help you with the tools. 


Whether you need the tools or not, start living in love and be in harmony with yourself.  Start living in the present moment and do the best you can, the maximum that you’re capable of, not a half job because you’re trying to live in the present moment but you are focused somewhere else because of the pain.


Thanks a lot. 


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