When the people we love suffering, we want to help them. You may or may not know that my motivation to learn all I could about energy medicine was fueled by a desire to help the person closest to me: my wife. 

My wife Hope struggled with debilitating depression for more than 12 years. No matter what we tried, nothing helped. I’m not kidding when I say we tried everything. I would rush home and share with her new methods of therapy and new treatments I’d hear about. She tried prescription medications, supplements, therapy, prayer, but they were all just temporary band-aids.

Day-to-day life was hard for Hope. She’d be at home with our son Harry, who at that time was very young, and I tried to help as much as I could. I’d encourage her to take care of herself, giving her breaks from caring for Harry as best I could, encouraging her to spend time with friends, but nothing helped. She even had suicidal thoughts. She would often imagine that life without her would be much easier for Harry and me.

Depression was taking over our lives. Antidepressants helped for a while, but the side effects were often almost as bad as her chronic depression. Then we went the natural route with supplements. She tried them all and took them religiously. She pored over books. She explored and researched every solution.

But none of it was enough. We truly felt at the end of our rope. 

One day I had to travel to California for a seminar when Hope was having a particularly tough time. I prayed for her before boarding the plane and during the flight home God literally spoke to me and shared with me the method now known as The Healing Codes. I wrote them down as quickly as I could, for fear I would forget them and I literally rushed into the house I was so excited to share them with Hope.

Hope thought I was a little crazy when I told her about what God had revealed to me. She thought that I was just exhausted from travel. But she was willing to try The Healing Codes. After all, she had tried literally every mainstream method to heal depression that she knew of and none had worked.

The Healing Codes were a path to amazing relief for Hope. They weren’t an overnight fix. They took time, but they worked!

Hope is now completely healed! In fact, she changed her name from Tracy to Hope once she was completely free from the bonds of depression. I was so excited to share this technique with others after I saw how life changing it was for her. The Healing Codes were initially a gift to help Hope, but I soon realized that this discovery enlightened me to a new way of helping many people.

Hope went from having overwhelming feelings of desperation to a place where there was hope. She could literally feel differences in her body and in her thinking that gave her the hope that she could be the person that she was created and put on this Earth to be.

If you’re skeptical about The Healing Codes, I understand. Even Hope thought it was crazy at first. Please don’t give up hope! There is a solution. The Healing Codes helped Hope, and they may be able to help you. 

I continue to work hard to refine The Healing Codes and develop new methods that are even more impactful. I’m excited to share that I’m working on a new course about healing, depression specifically, using Trilogy. Trilogy is a more advanced method that includes the original Healing Codes that healed Hope as well as the world’s other primary energy healing methods. I will be sharing updates soon about this new course. In the meantime, I encourage you to explore my Healing Codes and Trilogy on my website.

Here’s to finding hope and healing. 


Dr. Alex


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