“Choosing anything but love, when love is available, is sin. The more sin, the more pain.”


I believe that love is always available.


Whatever is temporary is not ‘it’, as in, it is not how you want to live your life. Whatever is seen with the physical eye is temporary.


This means, therefore, that whatever we can see with our physical eye is not ‘it.


Are you living for your eternal state- God, the Holy Spirit- or what you see every day?


God, love, and truth are the only things that can be seen with spiritual eyes and are permanent, the rest is all temporary!


Our hearts are what God judges. Our hearts are where we love from, where the spirit resides, and it is also inclined toward evil; the heart is the best of the best and the worst of the worst.


Love requires a choice. If God rules out choice, he rules out love; we have the choice to follow or ignore love.


I was once working with a gentleman who was a contractor. He had healed his health using my healing codes but wanted some help with his work.


This man always had a dream to earn $1million within a year. I’ve never really been interested in money but I tried to work with him on this as a spiritual issue.


So, what was my advice?


 I encouraged him to give up the end result. To treat his employees well, focus on the quality of his work, and stop worrying about the outcome of money.


A year and a half later, he rang and told me that he had surpassed his goal and doubled his results by following my advice.


When we are present in love and are living with integrity, we begin to release the pressure of the end goal and can move the body further away from stress. This is when the magic happens!




When you are sitting in the anxiety of the future, your stress levels will continue to spike.  Inhabiting a negative inward state seeks only to move us further away from love and further into negative behavioral patterns.

The definition of sin is to miss the mark and the anatomy of sin, once you have missed the mark, is to seek out repetitive love substitutes. The result? Bad habits and addiction, over and over.


The truth is, the only people who will be in hell will be the people who haven’t accepted the free gift of love. There is salvation for anyone who moves towards His love and there is never a time when you can’t start over; it is never too late.


So, where are you on this?


Are you afraid of hell because of sin? Are you living your life in God’s love?


If you hit the mark, there is less pain and more pleasure to be found in life. Think about a game of archery, when you hit the mark it feels good!


The negative inward state that leads us to habits and addictions is a perpetuating cycle because it encourages further negativity and further pain.


How do we get better at hitting the mark? We need to coach ourselves, practice, use intention, work, and research.


We have discussed before the 4 rules of God for guaranteed success:


  1. Love
  2. Intention only for God
  3. Do my best in everything I do
  4. Prioritize my relationships.


This looks different for every single person and it might not manifest in the way you expect, however, when you get there I can guarantee you will not want to go back!


The 7 laws of love we also discussed were:


  1. Belief
  2. Choice
  3. Time
  4. Truth
  5. Justice
  6. Pain
  7. Grace.


We need to seek out these rules and laws for success and love to get where we want to be.


Our unconscious mind is in control of most of our actions. If it overreacts, we stay alive but if it underacts, we’re dead. Therefore, our body pulls out fight-or-flight mode every time to make sure we’re always prepared.


The problem is, our bodies cannot be healthy when this amount of stress is present!


So, what do we do? I believe our heart knows when we are lying to ourselves.


Only when we truly love and let the chips fall where they may can our ‘unconscious manager’ release the safety measures and let finally let us fly.


The only thing more important than death is love.


Are you missing the mark? Are you repeating your negative habits and addictions?


It is time to check in with where you are and where you want to be. It is time to commit to those baby steps that bring us closer to living with our hearts.


Remember, love conquers everything and it is all that matters. We need to coach ourselves towards forgetting the end goal and being the best version of ourselves we can in the process.


Ask yourself what you can do to live the high road.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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