Manifesting has caught on as a sure-fire method to attain your dreams-- money, love, success. Do a quick search on Amazon for manifesting and you’ll get dozens of results. In addition to books, there are websites, webinars and coaches all focused on manifesting.

Manifesting has actually been around for years in various forms. It picked up in the 1950s with The Power of Positive Thinking and skyrocketed with The Secret, the best-seller published in 2006 which has been read by millions around the world.

The Secret is based on the Law of Attraction which is also the basis of manifesting. Manifesting focuses on a desire for the future...the big house, the money, etcetera. The basic tenet of manifesting is to focus on that which you desire with all your willpower and when you believe it, that’s when it will happen.

The problem is that manifesting is much more of a recipe for failure than success because it violates the spiritual laws of nature. I’ve mentioned Dr. Dan Gilbert, Harvard psychology professor and author of Stumbling on Happiness, before. His theory is that setting goals can actually be harmful to your health. His research findings show that expectations are a happiness killer, a health killer, a relationship killer...the list goes on and on. Expectations kill because they spike your stress. In other words, physiologically and psychologically they put you into failure mode.

When someone talks about manifesting, they are talking about having that thing they want to come to them, typically by generating some mystical Law of Attraction in the world that attracts the house, the car, the healing...whatever.

By definition, manifesting is to become apparent through the appearance of something. Manifesting, however, as it is traditionally viewed rarely works. The fallacy is that people think they can manifest something through sheer willpower and focus. That is a losing proposition 99 percent of the time.

The truth is, that almost never happens. In fact, one of the most visible people associated with The Secret contacted Dr. Ben Johnson, my co-author on The Healing Code, and I because despite their best efforts at manifesting, their personal life was crashing around them. We helped that person ultimately heal that area of their life by using the principles outlined in The Healing Code.

So yes, you can make your dreams a reality, but not by manifesting. In fact, manifesting almost always makes things worse.

Why? Because positive thinking really only works for people who think positively naturally. For the rest of us, not only does it not work, but it makes them feel guilty. They think “what’s wrong with me?”

This includes my wife Hope. Hope, whose IQ is in the top one percent of all people, followed the theory of positive thinking for more than a decade. She read all the books on depression and how to think positively and followed all of the advice. Instead of happiness, she experienced anger because trying to manifest good things into her life did not work!

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