I have not always been popular among my psychological and medical peers. There are plenty of reasons for that, but the one I want to talk about today has to do with generational memories.

Back in 1985, I began teaching that we inherit memories from our parents and their ancestors. These generational memories, I said, could go back hundreds of years, but influenced us every day even though we were completely unaware of them.

Now, at the time, no one was teaching that. There wasn’t a shred of scientific evidence to support the idea, so most of my fellow doctors would have looked down on it even as a theory. The real problem they had with me was that I was teaching it as fact.

Since then, science has proven that memories—especially trauma memories—are passed down in the sperm from father to child. Mark my words, they will also find that the mother’s memories are passed down in the egg, they just haven’t done that research yet. But I knew it was true even before that, because I had seen it in action. In my counseling and therapy career I had seen countless clients who were repeating the same tendencies, habits, and addictions as their ancestors, some without even knowing who their parents were. More than that, when I addressed those unconscious, ancestral memories, these problems would almost always melt away.

Ancient wisdom supported my beliefs. Numbers 14: 18 reads, “He punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.” But if these issues of the heart, as I call them, can be passed from parent to child, what form could they take? Well, that’s the question I believe I have answered. That’s where genetic memories come into play. Everything that defines you as a person is in turn defined by memories, thoughts, feelings, behavior, and beliefs.

You may be starting to feel that if all this is true, then people don’t really have much control over anything. You’re not alone. Romans 7, the apostle Paul describes himself repeatedly doing what he doesn’t want to do, and failing to do the things he does want to do. That’s me, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, that’s all of us. Encouragingly, Paul seems to believe that it isn’t really us doing those things, but sin living in us.

Whether or not you keep spiritual beliefs, the idea that we are not responsible for our hang-ups makes sense. We did not choose them. The word responsibility literally means “able to respond,” and we weren’t. Yet this is at odds with the world in which we find ourselves, a world of action and reaction, of cause and consequence. The world tells us, “if you do bad, you are bad.” How can we refute it?

The answer comes in the distinction between responsibility and accountability. Though we are not held responsible for having these problems, we are left with the task of making the best we can out of what we are given. If we are left with a predisposition to become overweight, or to be addicted to alcohol, or drugs, or sex, we may suffer the consequences, but do not suppose that this wrongness comes from you.

Each of us has a wonderful opportunity to break these cycles, which I believe can ALWAYS be broken. That doesn’t make it easy. Maybe one in a hundred people ever succeeds in truly breaking free of these chains. I was blessed enough to marry one of them.

God bless.

Custom Codes

Code #1
#1 Both hands temples.
#2 Left hand bridge, right hand adam’s apple
#3 Both hands bridge
#4 Left hand temple, right hand adam’s apple
20 seconds per position, keep rotating for five minutes.

Code #2 (if you know The Healing Codes II)
#1 Left hand brain stem, right hand belly button
#2 Left hand high bridge, right hand brain stem
20 seconds per step, for about two minutes.

I would pray or make a request of the heart that all of your generational issues, known and unknown, will be completely, permanently healed. I would recommend working on it once a day for about two weeks.


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