What if I told you that the greatest cause of illness and disease in the world today was also responsible for the little things we deal with all the time? Is it possible that terrible diseases like cancer come from the same source as your headache, your upset stomach, or your pounding heart? If so, you’d probably expect that singular source to be something like diet, poor fitness, or maybe bad genes, but you’d be wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control, at least 90 percent of health issues are related to stress, and some researchers think this is a low estimate. What makes up the other 10 percent? Genetic problems created by stress in previous generations.

The physical effects of stress are something I talk about a lot. Stress is our bodies fight-or-flight response, designed to save our lives from immediate danger by switching off “unnecessary systems,” such as our immune system. The problem is, the immune system is what prevents us from coming down with anything from cancer to a sore throat. It does this so well that I’ve asked about two-hundred doctors across thirty years whether there is anything a fully functioning immune system can’t heal, and the answer has been a completely unanimous, “No, there’s nothing.” But once it is switched off, it’s only a matter of time before our bodies break at their weakest link. This link varies from person to person, and while it can partially depend on things like diet or fitness, we all have one. And when we encounter stress, it will be the first thing we’ll succumb to.

So then, even small problems are evidence of the same basic source as the worst diseases on the planet. That’s an intimidating concept, but it’s important to understand where we are before we can start to get better. To do that, we need to ask: what is actually causing the problem here? Why are we all so stressed?

Today, I’m going to address a specific type of stress called anxiety. Merriam Webster defines anxiety as, “apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending or anticipated ill.” Notice the word “anticipated,” there. The trouble here is that we’re allowing ourselves to be thrown into stress by emergencies that haven’t actually happened yet, and often never will!

To me, the greatest example of this problem is the self-help industry. These books and gurus place prime importance on setting goals and working to achieve them, which seems natural enough. But there’s a trap here. The truth is that none of us can control the future. We have fallen into a bad habit of thinking that because we can (usually) plan what to have for lunch today and fulfill that plan, we can do the same for our careers or relationships. Obviously, real life doesn’t allow us that much control, but when we take that burden on ourselves, our subconscious treats any threat to our expectation as a threat to our lives.

Not only does this stress open us up to all manner of physical distress, but it puts us into a mental state in which we are far more likely to fail in our careers and relationships, which naturally creates more stress.

So how can we escape this cycle? Well, the best way I know is with the Healing Codes. The Healing Codes is a type of natural energy medicine designed to target the false beliefs that cause us to go into chronic stress, allowing your immune system to step in and do its job properly. This method is completely free of side-effects and trusted by people in all fifty states and 167 countries. If you want to experience this freedom in your life, I hope you’ll join us and learn more at Dr. Alex All Access.

The easiest way to be disappointed in your life is to form expectations and require that your life fulfill them. If you want to avoid anxiety and love your future, you have to hold it in an open hand.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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