Today I want to discuss the Advanced Memory Finder Protocol.


What is it? It’s a process I use with my clients to help them get to the root of their issues and increase the speed of their healing.


Dr. Bruce Lipton says 90% of our problems live in our subconscious minds.


I believe there is a correlation between how nature works and how we work on a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level. Understanding nature can really help us heal.


The deeper you delve into your mind, the more specific you can get, the faster (and more completely) something heals, and the less chance of future relapse into negative behavior patterns. The AMFP allows us to go deeper to get to the root of our issues or as close as possible, allowing us to get specific with what is causing us pain.


I want to identify as many aspects of the issue as possible with my clients – people, circumstances, feelings, and beliefs – so that they have the best chance of healing. I now want to share this with you, too.


Did you know that the effort it takes to act like someone we’re not can zap 50% of our energy? Healing our issues can increase and restore those energy levels as our outer person begins to match our inner person. Everyone wants a positive life, but it only takes one trauma to completely change the course of our existence. Research even suggests that approximately 50% of our beliefs about life are negative and in error.


And that’s not all. Only once in twenty times do people choose a positive course of action without being pulled to the negative (more tempting perhaps) behaviors. This means we often make the wrong decision for ourselves. The memory finder is designed to identify any unconscious traumas and heal them, even if you don’t know they exist yet, and enhance our ability to live in love and choose positively.


Can you guarantee success? I think so. If you adopt these four steps:


  1. Be committed to love
  2. Have an intention only for good
  3. Give everything in life your 100%
  4. Prioritize and invest in all relationships


No matter how you have grown up, you always have the choice of what direction you take as you move forwards, and how you create success for your future.





The periodic table reference


Everything man-made comes from the building blocks of the elements. If any one of these elements changes, everything changes. Think of cooking – if you change any ingredient in your recipe, you’ll notice the difference for better or for worse.


It’s the same for our problems; they’re made up of many different elements, so we need to consider all of them to solve our problems fully.


What are your elements? What takes you off track?


Underlying elements of the human condition – Alex’s correlation


  1. Your intention- What’s the intention of your heart about your issue, and why do you want to heal?
  2. Gravity- The way you lean. Gravity is a pull, so is your gravity positive or negative? 80% of us lean towards the negative, but this can change.
  3. Amplitude- Power. How big the wave of frequency is. For example, if you have an anger issue, how angry do you get?
  4. Empathy- The ability to understand another person’s feelings and to share them.
  5. Submission- What love does vs fight/freeze/flee etc.
  6. Wavelength- Made up of submission and how often something happens. For example, if you get angry, how often do you get angry? Even if its power is weak, the frequency can become an issue.
  7. Pure frequency- Your identity as it relates to your internal worth and spirit.
  8. Color- Your identity as it relates to your physical and external circumstances


I want you to rate each of these from -10 to +10 in relation to your life, then look at every specific issue you want to work on and go through the above list. Is your heart intention to care only about yourself? Are you leaning into the bad? Is the power of your negative emotion at a 10?


You need to look not only at the strength of the power (amplitude) but what it’s rooted in (positive or negative), how often it occurs, and where it stems from (a place of love and empathy or fear and pain, and how you feel as a person.)


This is a great exercise that allows you to track your progress and any changes you’re noticing as you heal over time. Only when we bring something from the unconscious to the conscious can we heal it, so this exercise should help you bring your issues to the forefront. I recommend drawing your own scale and plotting each issue along it; this will help you visually identify what to work on first or where you could be improving.



I also want you to look at the healing codes if you’re struggling to identify your issues. I have been asking my clients to use these for years to help them identify any issues they want to bring to the forefront of their consciousness so that they can begin to heal them. I urge you to give them a go and see if they can help you too.




Everything has a frequency. Pure frequency is tied to our internal spiritual identity of what makes us who we are, and the color is tied more to external physical circumstances.


We often assign blame to our external circumstances rather than internal identity, which means we are assigning blame to the wrong thing. When we assign blame wrongly, we are working on the wrong thing. Because it doesn’t work, we give up and go into a negative cycle of emotions and actions – like habits and addictions.




What determines a choice, which then determines the intention, which then determines everything else? I think choice is determined by humility and conscience; this then determines our intentions. It’s harder to choose love if we’re completely depleted, and living in lies, stress and negativity; when you live this way you’re going to choose selfishly.


95% of us harbor too much fear and stress to consistently choose humility and positivity. Are you living by your conscience? Are you living in humility? Or in fear and stress?


Resolve every variable, and I promise there’s far less chance of relapse into bad habits, addictions, and negative spirals of behavior. There will be pain along the way; there is no path without pain.


Over the years, I have had many clients stuck in a rut when it comes to their negative patterns of behavior and relapsing into old habits. But it’s only by digging deep that we can start to do the true healing and live our best lives possible.


Let me know how you get on.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd


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