Data suggests that 90% of people don’t get help with their problems, and of those that do, 90% say it hasn’t helped them. Advanced memory finder and relationship protocol is a therapy designed to change that.


Before we discussed how the AMF is designed as a form of self-therapy to help diagnose issues in a way that can dramatically increase speed, completeness, and relapse prevention on big issues. How? Simply by pulling an issue apart and healing each component one by one, rather than trying to tackle it as a whole.                                                                

I have spoken before about the nine core negative beliefs and the correlating positive beliefs that are associated with each of them. The negative emotions and feelings are the ones that tend to generate the problems in our lives that require healing, where we begin to tell our bodies a lie about what we are experiencing in the world.


I have said before my order of importance is to always let God work first before anything else, but the below diagnostic components are designed (and summarized) to bring awareness to how you are living your life. Ultimately, this gives you the power to make positive change towards healing.


Diagnostics for life


Do you live in the positive or negative for each of the below?


Life- Content with life vs uncontent

Beliefs- Positive vs negative

Emotions- Positive vs negative

Significance/ Security- Positive self-worth and safety vs negative

Thoughts- Where do you stand on the ‘truth about your thoughts’ scale?

Love compass- Living in humility and in line with your conscience vs not

Truth and love- Living in truth and love vs fear and falsehood

Relationships- Rate your three best and worst relationships and get an average.


I urge you to rate each of the above on a scale of -10 to +10 and work on healing from the bottom up. I.e. start with the area that needs the most healing.


Diagnosing the above eight life areas can help you determine how you are programmed and what drives you behavior. If your beliefs are negative, you’re going to live in a negative way. If you feel insecure, that is going to determine how you form relationships with others, and so on.


As discussed in You Always Do What You Believe, with the underlying elements of the human condition protocol- I urge you to create another and rate the above across it. Visually seeing a pattern of behavior can help you to identify where to focus your efforts.  


Presence of love


You also need to determine if you have enough love present in your heart and life.


Receiving enough love can determine:


  1. Internal identity
  2. Physical and external identity
  3. Whether you lean to positive or negative
  4. Positive or negative actions
  5. The power of your actions
  6. The end results – love, joy, peace, and truth (or negative results like pain and anxiety)
  7. How the cycle repeats


Do you have enough love in your life?


Empathy and humility – independence and superiority


Empathy and humility means choosing to step into pain for someone else and prioritize others above yourself.


Independence and superiority/ inferiority means choosing to avoid pain and focusing on pleasure for yourself instead.


Which correlates to you?


  • Determined by faith vs unhealthy control
  • Determined by significance and security vs feeling unsafe or unworthy
  • Determined love and truth vs fear and falsehood
  • Determines instant and delayed gratification
  • Determined by anger vs patience
  • Determined by choice of selfinterest vs love in present moment


Significance vs insignificance


If you feel and experience significance and security you will tend to choose right.

If you feel insignificant and insecure you will tend to choose badly.


You have the choice every day. Which do you choose?


Who are you in Christ?


You are a child of Christ. If you submit to Christ, you are free of condemnation and are sure that all things will work together in good, for you. You are free from all condemning charges against you.


God judges the intentions of your heart. Humility, conscience, and how much love you have in your life determines the intentions of your heart. Like everything else, if you are filled with the negative you will choose badly and the intentions of your heart will be the wrong intention.


You can’t get to your best life until you commit to love, as best you can.

The only way you can commit to love is by living in humility and believing the truth about yourself. You’re in harmony with your conscience every time you make the right choice. The result? The door is open to living and experiencing love.


If you’re struggling to identify where you’re currently at, have a look at how your diagnostic tools can help you. The first time you decide to change something, that is when you’re confronted with who you truly are. Finding your true identity is the beginning of the healing journey.


I also urge you to go back over each of the New Jesus teachings and our blogs so that you can recap everything I have discussed thus far, step by step.


The love of Christ compels us. Even in the worst of circumstances, we can move higher and higher, from glory to glory, to our best life.


What is compelling you?


Go through the protocol in our previous blog, break down each component from this blog, and heal each one step by step.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd


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