Japanese organization guru and best-selling author Marie Kondo is a household name thanks to her Netflix show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” It seems like everyone is talking about what does and does not “spark joy” in their lives, from their jam-packed closets to overflowing kitchen cabinets.


People connect to Kondo because she understands how emotionally attached we become to our possessions. By honoring the things that no longer spark joy for us and thanking them as we give them up, we have much-needed closure. Our homes, and as a result our hearts and minds, feel lighter!


If our material possessions have such a powerful effect on our well-being, just imagine how much we are impacted by the emotional clutter we hold on to. This spring, I encourage you to take inventory of your emotional life and let go of anything that doesn’t spark joy for you.


First of all, let’s take a look at the definition of joy. I believe real joy is rooted in a deep sense of internal peace, regardless of your external circumstances. It’s knowing who you are and that you are valuable and living in line with your true identity. In other words, it’s living in love in the present moment.


It’s difficult to live in love in the present moment, however, if we are hanging on to the past. “KonMari-ing” can be applied to your possessions, but people are also using it to declutter their finances and even streamline their digital lives, so it’s also great motivation to clear out the emotional clutter that holds you back. Today I want to share four key areas of your heart and life that probably need some emotional decluttering.


  • Beliefs: By beliefs, I don’t mean your faith, I mean the stories you tell about yourself, others and the world. Many of our beliefs have lies in them, due to our interpretation of events and our memories. These false beliefs can have a damaging effect on our health, as they spike stress, weaken our immune system and can lead to illness and disease.
  • Behaviors: Obviously, some behaviors are clearly destructive or clearly constructive – think unhealthy eating habits (destructive) or regular exercise (constructive). But many of our behaviors are less obvious on the surface – they are good or bad because of our motivation for doing them. Are you doing something because it’s true to who you are or because it’s a method you use to perform for others in order to get love and acceptance? If a behavior is done for any reason other than love for others or being true to yourself, toss it!
  • Habits: Behaviors that get repeated often turn into a habit, or a pattern in our lives that becomes a default, even though they might not serve us. Habits can be even harder to stop than behaviors because we’ve hardwired our internal program to default to these patterns over and over. I’ve spent more than 20 years developing and perfecting tools that can deprogram the fear-based thinking keeping you in destructive patterns and reprogram you at the subconscious level so you can live in truth and love.
  • Goals: Are your goals oriented toward achieving a certain internal state or external results? I’ve mentioned many times that the self-help industry is plagued with failure (97 percent to be exact!) That’s because the typical three-step goal process consists of focusing on what you want, mapping out a plan and putting the plan in action.This blueprint relies on two components: expecting an external end result and relying on willpower. This sounds foolproof until you realize that expectations cause chronic stress, whether the end result is achieved or not. Depending on willpower also virtually guarantees failure, because willpower depends on the power of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is a million times stronger than the conscious mind.


The challenge with emotional tidying up is that unlike the very visible mess in our homes, our subconscious can hide our emotional clutter deep within our hearts. We have to find a way to unearth this emotional clutter and heal once and for all. Energy healing can provide that way.


Have you heard about Trilogy? It’s my new energy healing method that uniquely combines the top energy medicine and energy psychology tools in the world to address any and all issues – body, mind and spirit. I have spent six years testing and developing Trilogy, and the results have been more profound than anything I have seen in 17 years! Download the free training on my website and begin the process of decluttering the negative emotions that are preventing you from true happiness and success and JOY!




Dr. Alex


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