As I discussed last week, we are not beings of only one part, but three: body, mind, and spirit. In order to have the health, success, and relationships you want, you have to have all three working together in harmony. But here’s the problem, each part speaks a totally different language.

Today, we’re looking at the mind, which I would define as your conscious thinking, your emotions, your actions, and intent. The language of the mind is words, and it is predominantly left-brained, although it needs to work in harmony with the right brain, which uses the language of images. Personally, I’m much more oriented toward the right brain. I’m dyslexic, have ADHD, and probably a couple more D’s I don’t know about yet. Words fritz my brain. Hope, on the other hand, is oriented toward the left brain. She makes incessant lists, used to be a perfectionist, and is constantly saying, “I need to see it written down.”

I developed the reprogramming statements as a diagnostic tool for the mind. I don’t personally use this—it fritzes my brain. But what I’ve noticed after years of healing work on myself is that after going back and looking through my reprogramming statements, they’ve almost all been healed. So I’d start with the first one and see how far you can get making only truthful statements. When you reach a statement you can’t make about yourself truthfully, then you need to work on that issue with Trilogy until you can.

One question that often comes up with my clients is, “What is the whole truth about me?” For that, and the other questions likely to come up, I would direct you to Here, you’ll find sixteen short videos to explain that, as well as many other questions you might have, all completely free. Once you can go through all twelve statements without resistance, saying them truthfully, you should be able to move on from mind to working on either body or spirit. It may take a week, or it may take six months. But however long it takes, it will pay off for a lifetime.

Note: if you’re like me and these sorts of things fritz your brain, then just look at the general issue in each of the twelve statements and ask yourself if you have a related issue. If you do, use Trilogy until it’s gone.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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