The Healing Codes


The Healing Codes, discovered by Dr. Alexander Loyd in 2001, are a powerful self-healing method that helps your body consistently and predictably remove the primary cause of illness and disease: stress. Practicing The Healing Codes activates your body’s natural healing centers in order to identify and heal negative cellular memories that shut down your immune system and keep you from optimal health. Using a combination of physical techniques and prayer/meditation practices, The Healing Codes have helped thousands of people from all over the world correct physical, emotional, relational and success issues.

The Healing Codes package provides you with the knowledge and practical tools you need in order to learn how to do The Healing Codes and start applying them to your life. This easy-to-follow digital packet contains:

  • The Healing Codes Manual, which contains step-by-step instructions and diagrams to help you get started with The Healing Codes
  • The Healing Codes Journal, Worksheet, Portable Codes, and a Getting Started instructional document
  • The Healing Codes Quick & Easy "Getting Started" Video, a four-part series to which you'll be given immediate online access
  • Over thirty audio coaching sessions on how to do The Healing Codes

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