On a surface level, the practice of hypnosis has a lot in common with the Healing Codes as a way of improving a person’s life by making changes to their memories. But where mainstream hypnosis usually fails to produce lasting results, and can even be dangerous on rare occasions, Dr. Loyd sought something more powerful. It was from this seed that he developed Reverse Hypnosis, a process that seeks to elevate the conscious mind rather than disable it, putting the power to make changes in your hands rather than those of a psychologist. Though not technically a “codes” process, rarely has this power of reflection and healing been brought about in such a powerful, almost tangible way.


Download Introduction

What is Reverse Hypnosis? Dr. Loyd explains its origin, the purpose it was created to fulfill, and the advantages it has over more traditional methods.


Download Instructions

The meditation begins here. Take the first steps toward hope, love, and healing.


Download Start Through Doors

We approach the main event as you prepare to take the journey back through each year of your own life.


Download Reverse Hypnosis Journey

Dr. Loyd guides you through an exploration of your life—one year at a time. This is the journey that brings healing and consciousness to your entire being. (Note: This is a lengthy process. If you need to pause and come back, your place in the journey will be saved to pick up again when you're ready.)


Download Door Issues

Dr. Loyd helps you visualize and understand the specific issues of your life, giving you the tools to change them.


Download Window

If you don’t intend to go through the doors at this time, Dr. Loyd has some parting words for you.


Download Wrap Up: By Yourself

Now that you’ve finished the process and are ready to set out on your own, Dr. Loyd has some final thoughts and congratulations to give.


Download Wrap Up: With the Light

As you’re finishing the process and prepare to embark on the rest of your life with the light to heal and advise you, Dr. Loyd offers some final instructions and congratulations.


Download Conclusion

As you approach the finish line, Dr. Loyd offers you one final decision to make.

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