The Core Methods are the foundation programs and processes that are the basis for everything I do. These methods are uniquely designed to address specific areas of your life such as health, success and relationships. They give you tools and techniques to heal stress and negative memories in these areas specifically.

The Love Code

Discover the greatest principle in the world that almost nobody knows. The Love Code is a unique philosophy that guides the way you approach nearly every aspect of life, and it is the only way to find true happiness, health and success.
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The Healing Codes

Discovered by Dr. Alex in 2001, The Healing Codes are a powerful self-healing method that helps your body consistently and predictably remove the primary cause of illness and disease: stress.
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Healing Codes II

Discovered 15 years to the day from the revelation of the original Healing Codes, The Healing Codes II is a deeper, holistic series of codes designed to extract pain by its roots and release your mind, body, and spirit once and for all.
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The Relationship Codes

The Relationship Codes will help you identify painful memories and negative beliefs, destroy destructive cycles, learn what it means to truly love, and experience real connection with others, and success in all areas of life!
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The Success Codes

The Success Codes are a powerful practice that helps you identify limiting beliefs, overcome negative patterns, and destroy failure programming so that you can experience the true success you have always desired.
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The Master Key

The Master Key is a series of recordings that are proven to facilitate relaxation, reduce stress, and boost your immune system. A powerful way of removing stress from your body and setting yourself up for happiness, health, and success.
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